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Apple Watch Tips and Tricks: Things You Need to Know

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks: Things You Need to Know

Apple has been one of the most innovative companies in recent history. They have revolutionized how we work, play, and live through their products. The Apple Watch is a great example of this innovation. In this post I will share with you 10 tips and tricks that can make your experience more enjoyable on your new timepiece!

The new Apple Watch can do so much more than just telling the time! Here are few amazing tips and tricks for your favorite model, like how to make it brighter or find your location if you've lost them.

Wake to your last-used app

The Apple Watch is a clever little device that can do so much. You might think it only has the power to tell time, but in reality there are lots of other features tucked inside this wristwatch! How does one use these extra abilities? Well if you're looking for an easy way start off then just flick your wrist - when upside down with black screens on both sides (a custom watch face setting), pressing hard should wake up whatever app or service was running before going into sleep mode- at which point everything will be back where they were before resting their eyes... But what if I want more than automatic.

Make the on-screen text larger

With such a tiny device, sometimes you want the option for bigger text at your disposal. Apple makes this easy in its accessibility settings; all it takes is going into Settings > Brightness & Text Size on an iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth enabled and adjusting everything so that way it's just how l like-- big isn't always better! You can also try out one of those fancy new Big Time watch faces if all we care about seeing is time (and maybe some other stuff too).

Mute alerts with your palm

If you're trying to be discreet and want notifications without being interrupted by that loud Watch alert sound, there's an easy solution. Simply cover up the display with your hand for three seconds or more when it goes off in a spot where quieter is better! If this option isn't available on screen because of something blocking view from its orientation (like another person), simply turn towards them instead--it'll still muffle out any new haptic feedback coming through thanks so much as well.

Hide watch apps

The best way to hide third-party apps from showing up on your Apple Watch is by going into the My Watch section of that device and making sure you're in Installed On. Tap any app, then turn off its interactive features (this will make them appear as if they weren't installed). Although these removed watch interfaces won’t affect what happens when using an iPhone with one installed; those notifiying for removal should still be deleted unless kept elsewhere like iCloud or iTunes accounts.

Find your iPhone with your Watch

The Apple Watch is the perfect tool for finding your iPhone. Not only does it have a built-in GPS that will help you track down where all of those lost apps are hiding out, but by swiping up on either side from its face you can go into Control Center and use one buttoncia to make noise with someone nearby or trigger an emergency rescue network if needed!

Quickly access Zoom and VoiceOver

The Apple Watch is a beautiful device that combines cutting-edge technology with elegant design. You can use it to make calls, check emails and even find your way around town thanks to the built in GPS tracker! But if you're looking for something more than just basic functionality out of this amazing gadget then I've got great news - there are three different ways on how Zoom or VoiceOver will be quickly accessible without needing access through iPhone first."

"You should turn ON Accessibility Shortcut which allows users triple click activation by simply pressing down harder onto Digital Crown until faceplates light up rapidly 3 times each time: one tap away from launch model app(s); press button next.

Take a screenshot

Want to memorialize that Digital Touch drawing or Activity achievement? You can take a screenshot on your Apple Watch by quickly and simultaneously pressing both the side button and Crown.

Force Apple Watch to restart

If your Watch is misbehaving, you can turn it off by pressing and holding the side button until you see an option for Power Off or Force Reboot. If there's no change after ten seconds of force rebooting-or if nothing seems to be working at all on this end -you'll need someone who knows what they're doing! I recommend heading into an Apple store right away because customer service represenatives will likely be able assist with any issues quicker than I could describe them here (skip ahead if that sounds good).

Save custom watch faces

You can customize Apple's default Watch faces by using Force Touch on the Watch display, and save customized versions for future use. To do so: 1) Press down firmly with your fingers until you feel a little resistance from beneath; 2-)Swipe all way to left then tap "New" button 3 ) Customize it however you want - just make sure there are no gaps between letters/numbers because they'll be cut off if this happens! 4.) Once done making changes remember that deleting an existing face will erase everything including its preview image which could have been helpful while testing out new designs.

Set your watch five minutes fast

You might be an early bird, but don't worry because your Watch can show the time in a different format too! Just go to Settings > Time > +0min and turn that Digital Crown until it says 59 minutes. The clock will still show up accurately on other devices nearby even though this setting has been applied- which means you'll always know what hour of day or night we are living through at any given moment without having look down from our wrists every five seconds.

Turn off snooze for your alarms

Don't trust yourself to wake up on time? You can disable the Snooze button of Apple Watch by going into your Alarm app and tapping the alarm you'd like for it not be available. Click "disable" under options, then choose if desired when alarms go off without snoozing them first!

Pre-compose custom Messages responses

The Apple Watch is a beautiful piece of technology that offers many different features. One feature you'll want to check out for yourself, as I did before starting my research on the subject matter here in this paper today's edition--is how customizable your messages can be through pre-composing responses from within iPhone! To access these automated texts just go into 'My Watch' then choose which default Replies message(s) or phraseology - such as "Hey!" –you'd prefer using when communicating with friends and family members via their wrist devices instead typing out long monologues one letter at time.

Always send your dictated text as audio

When you reply to a message with your voice, Apple Watch offers one of two choices: sending it as dictated text or an audio clip. If you prefer that all messages always send in this format (either by dictation or manually typing out responses), go into the Messages app on iPhone and choose between Audio Message & Text Conversation options under "My watch" > General Settings for each individual conversation thread where applicable!

Share your location in Messages with Force Touch

Force Touch your device's display and tap "Share Location." Sending this information could be useful for friends who want to know where you are, but don't have access.

Hold a call until you can find your iPhone

The Apple Watch is futuristic-feeling, but it isn't always practical. If you get a call on your Watch that you want to pick up and the person at the other end will hear this repeated sound until they can reach out for their device or go somewhere quiet where there's no answer machine; then tapping Answer on iPhone makes them place whatever was being said into voice mail so we both know what great timing!

Turn on Walkie-Talkie

To activate the Walkie-Talkie feature, you need to turn on your nearby Apple Watch's Available toggle. This will allow people in close proximity of each other communicate with one another without speaking aloud or using hand signals like Morse code by pressing down hard on both watches' screens instructing them how far away from each person they should stand when sending messages through this new form of technology!

Clear all your notifications with Force Touch

"As an Apple user, I know the feeling of getting bombarded with notifications. For me it's hard to keep up and sometimes there are too many for my liking!" John said as he clutched his phone tightly in one hand. "I have this great app on iPhone called 'Clear All Alerts' that makes getting rid of all your alerts super easy."

"Simply press down firmly into any bottom corner (force touch) until you see a red bar appear at each end; then simply swipe left or right depending if want more space accessible below them".

Flag Mail messages with Force Touch

The Watch's inability to send emails is a major drawback, but you can easily flag messages for later reply with ease. Just Force Touch on any mail message and tap Flag; this will save all future conversations in your list of favorite alerts or templates that are available at all times via the Apple device app

There is no way I could compose new email through my watch because it doesn't work like an email machine (and if someone replied they would always get lost). However what i've found works well enough its just tapping "flag" beside certain threads- which makes them easier accessible when needed.

Choose what mailboxes show up on your Watch

With the Watch app, you can filter your mail to only show up on your wrist. Just go into My Watch > Mail and choose which of those pesky inboxes want attention from afar!

Switch between Day and List views in Calendar

When you want a quick overview of your day, use the list view. But if detail matters more than compactness and organization then switch over to Day mode where all events will show up in order from earliest till latest

Wanting an idea for how long it'll take before someone calls back after sending them an email? When viewing any given event or appointment on iCal's Calendar app using Force Touch gestures can change between "Day" versus basic scheduling interface at bottom left called List Mode  - depending upon what type information needs emphasis most.

 Build your leaving time into your Calendar alerts

If there's a location added to your event, you can create an alert to tell you when to leave that factors in driving or walking distance along with traffic. To do so, make sure the individual event has the Travel Time switch enabled; you can do this on your iPhone by going to the Calendar app, tapping the event in question, and going to Edit > Travel Time.

Use the Taptic Engine when you're getting directions

The Taptic Engine of your Apple Watch can be used to provide you with various vibrations and taps that pop up when necessary. If it's directions, then there will always be a series or two tapped sounds played three times for left turns and twelve steady beats playing right before arriving at one’s destination; this way they know exactly how much longer until arrival!

Review your iPhone photos from your watch

The Camera app on your Watch lets you use it as a remote display and shutter for photos, but you can also quickly review any recent shots. That way, if someone is taking up all the space in front of their own lens (which we know happens sometimes), then this will give them more room to take pictures with no one getting left out!

Set a default city for your weather

On your wrist, the Weather app is a lifesaver! You can check out what's going on in any city and get alerted when it gets too cold or rainy. To change where you're getting updates from for this information just go into settings within WatchOS 2 by tapping My Watch > Settings > Default City; make sure that whichever location comes first (the current one) has ample time before another takes over as default instead of switching back again like old habits die hard sometimes do.

How's your ECG?

In a world where we're all connected to one another and technology is always at hand, it's not surprising that some people have turned their attention from phones to fitness trackers. For those who want more information on heart health than just how many steps they took in a day- these watches can provide greater detail through an electrocardiogram (ECG)

In order for youarers of fourth generation Apple Watches or newer models with built-in ECGs feature this new update though there may be quite the process involved: tap into your app store then access "Electro Cardiogram" under Medical category before holding down Digital Crown button.

Send your favorite watch face

With watchOS 7, you can now send your favorite faces to friends. Force Touch on the Watch display and select Send tab next to Face option in order find out how they would look with different styles or colors! Tap New Message icon when ready for recipient message input.

Change your strap

Apple makes it simple to remove and install new straps on your Watch. One at a time, hold down one of the two band release buttons on its back then slide out any old bands you have installed with ease in order to put them away for good!


Image Source: Wristwatchstraps.co

Got any must-have Apple Watch tips beyond these? Please share it in the comments below! I'm dying to know what you think.


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