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Top 10 Tips and Tricks That Most Apple Watch Users Didn't know about

tips and tricks for apple watch

key tips for apple watch users

The Apple Watch has become increasingly popular every year.  Let's face it, many jobs do not allow you to use your cell phone constantly.   Teachers, Office Admins, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, retail workers, and many more are simply not allowed to be on their cell phone.

This is way the Apple Watch is so convenient. A simple text or miss phone call can be quickly viewed without any major distraction.  This way you can stay connected all day at your work.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for your apple watch, but here are the top 10 we found that was very useful.

1. Set your watch three minutes fast

I know this simple trick worked well when you had a watch growing up as a teenager in the 80's.  Except, i made my watch 10 minutes slower as an excuse to miss curfew :)

Now you can manually set the watch face to display three to ten minutes fast.  Keep in mind that this won't affect your alarms, notifications, or clocks from other countries, but it'll show on the Watch face. To do this, go to Settings > Time > +0 min, then turn the Digital crown to advance the time ahead up to 59 minutes

2. Get Rid of the Snooze Option

Are you an active snoozer? I know on the average i like to hit snooze twice.  Granted i set my alarm 10 minutes sooner.

You can disable the Snooze button on Apple Watch by going into Alarm app on the device and tapping on the alarm time you'd like to change. Toggle it off so snooze isn't an option.

3. Put your Initial on the Watch face

If you use the Color watch face or Infograph watch face on your Apple Watch, you can add a custom initial  to it featuring up to four characters - they can be used to form a nickname, your initials, or even a fun unicode character combination.

To create your own monogram, fire up the iPhone Watch app, select the My Watch tab-> tap Clock -> and then tap Monogram. Add some characters in the monogram field, and next time you select the Color or Infograph watch face from the Face Gallery, be sure to choose Monogram as one of the complications.

 4. Determine Your Heartrate

Every 10 minutes, your Apple Watch reads your heart rate and sends that data to the Health app on your iPhone. To see your heartrate, slide up Glances and tap on the heartrate Glance.

5. Choose Mickey & Minnie Mouse Watch Face

Two of the most popular Apple Watch Faces are Mickey & Minnie Mouse. When you have those Watch Faces selected, you can tap on the display to hear their voices read out the time. You will have to ensure that the ‘Tap to Speak Time’ feature is enabled under the Watch app on your iPhone > My Watch > Sounds & Haptics

6. Clear all your notifications with Force Touch

Though you can swipe left to delete an individual notification from the Notifications screen, you can also get rid of all your notification alerts in one tap. First, swipe down from the display to access Notifications, then Force Touch the display to bring up the Clear All option.

7. Breath and Meditate

Do not overlook this great feature, you can use the built-in Breathe app to relax. In the app, use the Digital Crown to set how many minutes of breaths you would like to keep track. Next, hit the Start and relax.  This is a must have for people that like to meditate

8. Invite a friend to an activity challenge

If you share your activity with fellow Apple Watch owners, you can now also compete against them in a 7-day activity competition for the chance to win an award badge.

To do so, open the Activity app on your wrist and swipe to the Sharing screen. Next, tap on a friend in the list, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the Invite button. The competition invite will be sent, and the recipient will be given 48 hours to respond.

9. Setting Up Custom Replies

Many people use their Apple Watch for sending text messages. And there is a way to set up custom replies if you want to send someone a preloaded response such as “I'll call you back in 5 minutes.” You can set up custom replies by going to the Watch app on your iPhone > My Watch > Messages > Default Replies. Then scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap on “Add reply.”

10. Talk to Siri hands-free

I love me some Siri. She makes wearing the apple watch 10 times easier. Just speak to Siri on your Apple Watch without having to press the Digital Crown. You'll find the setting in the watch's Settings app under General > Siri > Raise to Speak.

With the option enabled, next time you have a Siri request simply bring the Apple Watch close to your mouth and start talking. You don't even have to say "Hey Siri" to invoke the virtual assistant - it should pick up your voice automatically.


You like these tips?  Lets not forget the most important tip.  Yes you can swap out  your watch band!  Click here to Find a Apple Watch Band to add to your collection


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