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Watch band for apple watch series 2

Watch band for apple watch series 2

The Bands. Apple offers six types of bands for the Watch: the sport band, the leather loop, the classic buckle, the milanese loop, the modern buckle, and the link bracelet. You'll notice the strap sizes are now 41mm and 45mm. For those with a Series 1, 2 or 3 Apple Watch, choose the 41mm size for the 38mm model and 45mm size for the 42mm models.

What size does apple series 2 watch bands come in?

The Apple Watch Series 2 is available in 38 mm and 42 mm sizes. The 38 mm watch has a height of 1.52” (38.6 mm), width of 1.31” (33.3 mm), depth of . 45” (11.4 mm), and weighs 1.48 oz (41.9 g). The screen size is 1.337” (34 mm) diagonal with a resolution of 272 x 340 px at 326 ppi.

Does 42 mm apple series 2 watch band fit 44mm ?

This breakdown should make it easier to choose. If you see a band you like that's 41mm-sized, this implicitly indicates that they'll work with 38mm and 40mm cases, too. The 45mm bands will work with Apple Watch models that have 42mm or 44mm cases.

Does apple series 2 watch band fit series 3 watch ?

Yes - all past and present Apple Watch bands are compatible with all past and present models of Apple Watch of the same case size (38mm / 42mm)

How much does it cost to get apple series 2 watch bands?

The Apple Watch Series 2 first launched starting at $369 / £369 / AU$529 before dropping to around $260 / £260 (about AU$450).


What is the best watch band for apple series 2 watch?

Apple Watch comes with an included band (strap) to attach it to the user's wrist. The band can be easily changed to other types by holding down the connectors on the bottom of the watch and sliding the band pieces out. Third party bands are compatible with Apple Watch, however Apple produces bands in a variety of materials and colours. Bands designed for the original Series 1-3 38 mm and 42 mm case sizes are compatible with the Series 4-6 40 mm and 44 mm cases.




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