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What are the types of apple watch band?

What are the types of apple watch band?

While every Apple Watch comes with its own band, why settle for the basic when there are thousands of options out there? A new band is a flashy way to turn your Apple Watch into a personal accessory, rather than just a piece of tech, and there are ones that suit every lifestyle. Whether you're looking for something rugged and durable, or sleek and stylish, this list will help you find the best Apple Watch band for your needs. Seriously, whether you've got the new Apple Watch Series 7 or an Apple Watch SE, there's a perfect watch strap out there for you.

There are tons of Apple Watch band options, with a variety of options to suit different needs and watch sizes. So what look are you trying to achieve? You can go for the office-acceptable nylon strap or leather loop with a modern buckle, a ballroom-worthy link bracelet, a sport loop band made from soft silicone or a rugged woven nylon band. Heck, there are even Italian leather and rose gold options out there if you're feeling fancy. Different watch bands come with different closures as well, so if you're on the lookout for a stainless steel buckle or a magnetic clasp, chances are they exist.

Apple watch bands comes in various colors and style. Below are few of the band available from Apple:

  • Solo Loop
  • Braided Solo Loop
  • Sports Band
  • Sports Loop
  • Nike Sports Band
  • Nike Sports Loop
  • Leather Link
  • Modern Buckle

However, why to limit your options just with the Apple. You can get wide range of variety to choose from the other sellers as well.

Which Apple Watch band do you like the best?

One of the best smartwatches on the market, the Apple Watch is an undeniable game-changer. In fact, with a piece of technology this advanced on your wrist, it’s easy to forget about the strap. But the best Apple Watch bands go out of their way to complement the watch, enhance its features, and ensure a more comfortable and secure fit. 


Silicon Watch band for Apple watch.

Slim Silicon watch band for Apple watch

Steel watch band for Apple watch

Leather Apple watch band for Apple Watch

Straps with Diamonds for Apple Watch

You will get much more options to explore with WristWatchStraps.co

Can I buy an Apple Watch without a watch band?

Apple Watch buyers will receive different accessories depending on which collection the Apple Watch comes from. Apple includes everything the user needs to get started.

All watches come with only one band, but the Apple Watch Sport collection will ship with an adjustable three-piece fluoroelastomer band that will make two different sizes. Only Apple Watch Edition owners receive a Magnetic charging case, which docks and displays the watch while charging.

Here are examples from each Apple Watch collection listing what comes in the box:

Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Band
  • Quick start guide

Apple Watch Sport:

  • Apple Watch
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Band (includes three pieces to make either a S/M or M/L strap)
  • Quick start guide

Apple Watch Edition:

  • Apple Watch
  • Magnetic charging case
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Lightning to USB cable
  • USB power adapter
  • Band
  • Quick Start Guide

Why are Apple Watch bands so expensive?

Apple offers six types of bands for the Watch: the sport band, the leather loop, the classic buckle, the Milanese loop, the modern buckle, and the link bracelet, in ascending order of cost.

The sport band is made of fluoroelastomer (rubber), and can be had in black, white, pink, blue, or green. A small metal peg slots through a hole to serve as the clasp — for most bands, the peg is silver, but the black band is available with either a silver or space gray peg. All of the sport bands are available in both 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter versions, and can be purchased individually for $49. Notably, purchasing a sport band will actually net two bands — one small-medium band and one medium-large band, with the lengths varying depending on the case size.

The leather loop ($149) is made of Italian leather and utilizes a unique fold-over clasp system, with magnets embedded into the links. The entire band — including the lugs — is made of leather, with the exception of a metal ring around the slot where the band folds back over itself.

The classic buckle ($149) is available in black leather with stainless steel hardware for both 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter cases. The 38-millimeter model fits wrists between 125 and 200 millimeters, while the 42-millimeter model fits wrists between 145 and 215 millimeters.

The Milanese loop ($149) is made entirely of woven stainless steel mesh and sports a fold-over magnetic closure much like the leather loop. It's available for both 38-millimeter and 42-millimeter cases, with the 38-millimeter model fitting wrists between 130 and 180 millimeters while the 42-millimeter model fits wrists between 150 and 200 millimeters.

The modern buckle ($249) uses a stainless steel magnetic locking clasp and can be purchased with soft pink, brown, black, or midnight blue leather in small, medium, and large sizes. Small fits wrists between 135 and 150 millimeters, graduating to 145 to 165 millimeters for the medium band and 160 millimeters to 180 millimeters for the large band.

Finally, the link bracelet ($449) is made entirely of stainless steel and features a double-button deployment clasp. It's available for both case sizes, with the smaller 38-millimeter version suitable for wrists between 135 and 195 millimeters, compared to the 140 to 205 millimeter range for its larger sibling.

So, it is quite expensive to get the bands from Apple; however, there are other sellers like WristWatchStraps.co who gives you Apple watch band starting from as low as $5, and up to $50 depending upon the style, and material you want.

How many watch bands does a typical Apple Watch customer buy?

You see, Apple Sport Watch models technically do come with two bands, but in practice, it's not two full bands, but rather three pieces. There's one piece that attaches to one end of the watch with the fastener, and then two additional bands (the side with the holes) that attach to the other side of the watch. These two bands come in two different lengths -- a S/M size for smaller wrists and an M/L size for larger wrists.

In other words, you won't have an entire extra band to swap. 
The band swapping sites could potentially allow customers to swap for half bands to have a watch strap that's multi-colored, but it's unlikely that this will be an appealing option to many consumers. It appears that acquiring multiple Sport Band colors will require full band purchases. In a lifetime a typical Apple Watch customer buy's 5-6 Apple watch bands, as it is less expensive with other suppliers like WristWatchStraps.co

What is the most comfortable Apple Watch band?

Below are some most comfortable Apple Watch bands:


The Magnetic Leather Loop Band is a new style of band for Apple with a unique two-part structure compared to the standard Leather Loop. Beyond the yellow California Poppy and traditional black that we're looking at here, it also comes in Baltic blue, and Saddle brown. 

Out of all the bands we tested, this is the one that we never wanted to take off — even for exercise, though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for anything too taxing. Weightlifting, yoga sessions and anything non-sweaty are fine from our experience. Just consider switching this one out for HIIT classes and long-distance outdoor exercise.

Below are few pros of this band:

  • Unique design
  • Held by magnets and creates no thick buckle
  • Premium look and feel
  • Great colors
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Works with all chargers
  • Better value than Braided Solo Loop


The Stainless Steel Luxury Strap Cuff For Apple Watch is polished by several steps and colored with vacuum plating. It will never be rusty, making it more wearable than other bands that are prone to discoloration from sweat or water damage; plus this accessory adds a touch elegance to your wrist! 

The pendant ball locking position on the tassel ensures you get exactly what fits your wrist comfortably without having too much extra material hanging off either side like some competitors do (which can bunch up). Additionally ,it has an adjustable length so whether someone whose average size happens to come down below 30", 35".


This charm bracelet style Apple Watch strap is very fashionable. The integrated case makes it extremely easy to swap out the Apple Watch Case.  Keep in mind that this strap is made to hang loose like any jewelry charm bracelet.

Made of high quality natural stone, beaded pearls and colorful crystals, slowly polished by the experienced artificers, unique stylish, smooth, comfortable, beautiful colors, feminine and elegant looking, increase your beauty, enjoy your life.


This Luxury Beaded Resin Jewelry band Apple Watch strap is very fashionable. The integrated case makes it extremely easy to swap out the Apple Watch Case. Keep in mind that this strap is made to hang loose like any jewelry charm bracelet.

This bracelet with durable elastic rope stretch over the hand and fit snugly around the wrist, easy to wear and adjust, NO buckle needed. Perfect Locks onto your smart watch Interface precisely and securely.


The Handmade Smart Leather Bracelet Strap For Apple Watch is made of high-quality colorful crystals, slowly polished by experienced artificers. Unique, stylish, smooth, comfortable, beautiful colors, feminine and elegant looking, enough for work and stylish enough for traveling.

So, what are the different types of Apple Watch bands? Which one is your favorite? Can you buy an Apple Watch without a band? Why are they so expensive? How many do most people buy? What is the most comfortable band for everyday wear? We hope this article has helped answer some of these questions. If not, please let us know in the comments and we will try to help out.







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