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11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own An Apple Watch

11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own An Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been a popular topic of discussion over the past few weeks. Apple released their newest device on April 24th, and it is already making waves in the tech world. Apple Watch features include an Apple Pay feature so that you can pay for your coffee without taking out your wallet or phone. It also includes health and fitness apps to help you track your activity levels throughout the day. This blog post covers 11 reasons why everyone should own Apple Watch!



Apple Watch has a beautiful design. Apple Watch is sophisticated and sleek, with a variety of band colors to match any style or mood. Apple Watch also comes in two sizes for the perfect fit on your wrist: 38mm and 42mm.

As you can see from this blog post, there are many reasons why everyone should have an Apple watch.

The 11 reasons why everyone should own an Apple watch are:-

1) Apple watch is waterproof:

Apple watches are extremely durable and strong. You can take it with you to the pool, shower or even go swim in a lake without worrying about damaging your Apple device.

2)Siri commands – alarms, timers, reminders:

Apple watch is very helpful with Siri commands. Apple watch can be set to alarm or timer, and has a reminder function which is the most powerful feature for people who are forgetful like me! Apple Watch Alarm Commands: You can use your Apple device's preinstalled Clock app on iPhone or iPad, as well as Apple Watch’s built in clock interface.

Apple Watch Timer: The easiest way to start timing an activity is by tapping the digital crown at any time during an exercise session such as running, weightlifting, cycling etc., then tap "Stopwatch" from the list of options that pops up when you release your finger. Apple Watch Reminder Commands: It will notify them that they have something going on.


3) Apple watch has heart rate sensors:

Apple watch has heart rate sensors. Apple Watch monitors your heart and gives you a metric for all-day activity, calories burned, resting heart rate (RHR)*, the number of minutes in various workout intensity zones, active energy expenditure, and recovery time. Apple Watch also notifies you when it’s time to stop or pause.

4) Apple watch keeps a count of your Blood oxygen level:

Apple watch has a built in heart monitor. Apple watch has a sophisticated sensor that tracks your blood oxygen levels and displays on the screen. Apple Watch will warn you if it detects any changes to these readings, so you can take action with your doctor or healthcare provider as needed.

5) Apple GPS tracking of workouts.

Apple Watch has a Apple-designed GPS controller that is accurate to within about one or two meters, which means it can map out the distance and pace of your walk, run or cycling workout. Apple watch sure comes in handy when you want to keep tabs on how far away from home you are while walking around town for errands.

6) Notifications on the wrist and read messages:

Apple Watch grants you temporary freedom from your phone. Your notifications are on the wrist and read messages can be responded to with quick replies or taps of an icon - no need for dictation, Siri or scrolling through a long text chain! This is also great if you're in meetings at work and want to keep track of what's going on without taking out your phone.

7) Display tickets and boarding passes:

Apple watch has a feature that allows the Apple watch to display tickets and boarding passes, but this convenience is only available on United Airlines. This feature allows it to store digital copies of your printed airline tickets so you don't have to take along paper ones with you while traveling.

What about Apple Pay? This payment method not only works in stores, but also places like Square's Cash app and Uber as well! Simply double click the side button on your Apple Watch when near an NFC terminal for contactless payments or send money using iPhone Wallet (which requires Apple Pay).

8) Apple watch is screen less:

Apple watch is screen less so there’s less glare when outside and the backlight only comes on when you initiate it with your wrist movement or tap the display which means you can go all day without having bright lights in your face.

9) Turn-by-turn navigation:

Apple watch provides turn by turn navigation on Apple maps, which is way more accurate than Google Maps. This features helps the ability to change routes and view traffic without wasting time taking your phone out of your pocket or purse.

10)Makes call and receive messages: 

Apple Watch has a cellular chip, which lets you make and receive calls without having to use your iPhone. Apple is also launching the Apple Watch Series Three with built-in LTE this fall for $399.

11) Hours of battery life:

Apple says that Apple Watches will last 18 hours on average during normal usage before needing to be charged; it takes about two hours to charge an Apple watch from 0% – 100%.

The Apple watch is one of the most popular smart watches on the market, and it is easy to see why. It allows you to stay connected with your phone without having to take it out of your pocket or purse, and also acts as a fitness tracker if that’s what you want. You can use it for payments at stores like Starbucks too! But perhaps the best feature about this device? There are so many different designs available that will suit any taste—and they're all affordable too. Does sound good enough yet? Learn more about how an Apple Watch could help make life easier by visiting our website today."

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