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Apple Technology Helps Educators and Learners Stay Connected

Apple Technology Helps Educators and Learners Stay Connected

Apple technology is one of the most innovative and creative companies in the world. They are constantly coming up with new ways to improve people's lives, which is why their products are so popular. Apple has recently released their newest product, Apple TV for Education, which will allow educators and learners to stay connected through video conferencing. This article discusses some of the features of this new device as well as a few reasons why it might be a great tool for education professionals today!

The last year has seen a rise in remote education as bedrooms and kitchens become classrooms. Teachers all around world are using this technology to teach their students who cannot be present, which is why it's important for us not only learn but stay ahead of these changes that will continue happening more often than you think! Educators found creative ways to keep learning alive through the use of Apple technology. From launching an online high school musical, creating digital books with iBooks Author and GarageBand for students who are unable to get out on trips due disabilities--to even having a virtual graduation ceremony! Educators used their ingenuity when teaching these new programs because it allows them connect more deeply with learners while helping create tools which can help future generations thrive in today's society.

The musical "Is There Life After High School?" is about a group of teenagers and what they do to deal with the stress that comes from graduating high school. The show was created by two New York City-based theater artists, who wanted their work on stage not just be seen but heard as well! On April 30th 2021 when this performance went live online it featured an original score composed exclusively for this production by Grammy Award winner Dae Jones & features such songs like “Moving Forward," performed solo cellist Raffi Ohanian; or lead singers Shionna Thomas’ soprano vocals in tracks including title track 'I'm So Farewllful' among others."

When COVID-19 caused the cancellation of this year's musical, Anthony Stirpe knew he had to come up with a plan. He set out on his journey and after considerable thought found himself in charge of putting on some sort show for all those students who were recently without one! He created a new technique using his iPhone, iPad and Mac to shoot vignettes remotely or with the use of social media. He also edited them when in person but would often edit on location even if it was just him alone because he didn't want anyone else's opinion getting into what went out onto YouTube - this way everything came out sounding authentic for himself as well!

The musical is based around the idea of adults looking back to high school and remembering that kid inside us. With this in mind, director Myles Stirpe wanted people who go see his production for The Outsiders (based on warring factions called greasers versus socs) can expect “to laugh at themselves because it's not about being smart or tough - everyone has these moments." "The story deals with forgiveness," says George Salterio ,who plays Johnny Cade—a young man caught between two worlds during 1962 Los Angeles' civil unrest known as " Little Tokyo .”

In the face of difficult moments, we all have our own way to deal. One day you will share this story in much more vivid detail than I ever could with your audience and it's because they know your voice so well already from everything else that has been shared about what makes a person strong or beautiful before now."

The beginning of preparation for the musical was started in late 2020, when students submitted their auditions on iPhone and iPad to Stirpe. Meanwhile, the actors had started to upload their monologues for feedback. They were filming them on iPads and iPhones before they even shoot it all in order to give Stirpe a better idea of what each actor will be doing when performing live with music; after this process is over he edits everything using iMovie and Final Cut Pro on his MacBook Pro. The rehearsals began last year so that we could finally get started working on our video scripts together! Just like how every scene was shot-and then uploaded onto various devices such as tablets or phones beforehand -we needed input from those who would eventually star as ourselves: you guessed.

"Without this technology, I would have never been able to do the musical," says cast member Noah Massey, 17. He graduated from New Rochelle high school in 2018 and was accepted into The Juilliard School for his undergraduate studies there next year before moving onto graduate work at Yale University's Tisch Department Of Theater Arts. With all due respect to these schools; without tech like FaceApp or H Tracy Hunter’s editing tools that create lifelike double life reconstructions using motion capture data while also preserving facial expressions audiences wouldn't even know what they're watching on stage today!

"It's not every day you get to share memories with your friends," says castmate and recent graduate, Olivia Dower. "But this time is different because of Mr Stirpe." She pauses for dramatic effect before continuing: “He has just done an incredible job at banding us all together - figuring out a way during COVID-19 while creating those moments where we can have fun like never before!"

To say that Olivia’s parents were surprised when she told them she wanted to become a singer would be an understatement. But as it turns out, they had nothing against music and agreed on one condition: if any of their kids pick up instruments or start singing then there should be no stopping them from performing in front of people! And so now this little girl with the angelic voice has been given another outlet during those tough times - making all these things seem much better than before. A few years ago I was going through my own personal struggles which left me feeling lost emotionally.

Laura, a mother of two who has been trying to maintain her children’s mental health this year. "I feel like I've been running in place a lot," says Laura with frustration as she recalls how it feels when you're not only responsible for the well-being and quality time that they spend together but also caring about their grades at school or making sure there aren't any fights between them over something small enough (or big) where others might start getting involved too--spending hours thinking through problems before hand just so one doesn't arise during your child's playdate because then all other kids will hate him/her even more than usual; taking care never.

“After the shooting, we were all in trauma -- trying to make sure our kids received support and involvement. Mr Stirpe figured out how he could connect with them so that they felt included. After the performance debuted, Stirpe received an unexpected email from Jeffrey Kindley who wrote the Broadway musical 40 years ago and watched it online. The producer wanted to know if he could get tickets for his daughter's birthday party in December!

It's not every day that you can make something out of nothing, but for this year in lockdown limitations I did just that. My creations are private moments made instantly relatable with iPad and Zoom technology."  "I had never before read anything written by myself and yet I was moved to tears when my words came alive on the page." "It's odd that you would find yourself feeling emotional after reading something which is decades old, but it happened with this passage. It was like time had forgotten about me while these were still new thoughts inching through space-time towards their eventual destination at some point down the line,"

He had the privilege of teaching under lockdown for an entire semester while his students were away. He reimagined what it meant to teach remotely, and how history could be immersive in every way possible-from guided tours around Castle milk High School's grounds during free times or over video chat with guest speakers like David Attenborough who gave lectures on animal behavior (including humans).

One day, a man who wanted to learn how to use video-editing software started out by teaching himself iMovie and GarageBand. He then created self-narrated virtual lessons featuring archival photos, sound effects mixed with still images from old movies that his students could access digitally at any time on their own devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Anderson also talks about the importance of varying their teaching styles in order to keep it interesting. Even though they are using technology like iPads, he says that with all these new advances there needs be some changes made so students don’t get bored or become distractions themselves. "I think during lockdown period," said Anderson when asked what his thoughts were on remote teachnigs becoming slightly repetitive "It's good for me then use different techniques." He goes on say how easy this has been now thanks largely due through innovations such as Apple products which have built-in creativity apps allowing teachers access so quickly and virtually from anywhere at anytime.

Anderson's virtual lessons inspired a new set of assignments: his students created their own podcasts about key elements in history. Using GarageBand, they learned how to record and edit them so that it sounds professional-grade without any expensive equipment or expertise needed! For example, in a podcast about women’s fight for the right to vote in United Kingdom that Ben Mawson made as his final-year project at school he recorded himself walking around wearing hard-soled shoes and added sound effects like breaking glass when talking about some of their tactics.

"Watching these videos and making this recording was much better than just going over our notes," says final-year student Carris Kenna, 17. "And because everyone had their own iPad you were always connected to your teachers.". "You could contact them anytime if needed help which made me feel like we are all in the big family!"

Castlemilk High School is located in one of Glasgow’s most economically deprived areas and was part the city's push to get an iPad into every student's hands. Five years ago, 20% graduated from Castle Mill with a degree or higher; this year that number has jumped to 50%. The pandemic caused by aids had caused increased graduation rates across all schools due partially because it makes people think outside traditional boundaries for success which includes getting educated later than before their peers who did not experience these struggles during childhood."

"When I handed out our new iPads last year, it was the best feeling in the world knowing they would be safe while we were locked down," said Head Teacher Lynn Gibson. "Without them being able to contact friends and family during a crisis situation through their device's email function or social media apps like Instagram- which are both available on an iPad too! The students each having an iPhone isn't why this has happened but without these smartphones many things couldn’t have happened."

During the lockdown, I worried about how to keep them safe and make sure they were okay. My iPad allowed me a way of staying in contact with our students as well as planning for their future needs after these terrible events are over. I was so thankful that we had this tool during lockdowns because without it there would have been no way knowing what's happening inside schools or even if anyone was still alive outside: Lynn Gibson, head teacher of Castlemilk High School in Glasgow, Scotland.

Anderson is planning to apply these new methods of learning into his classes going forward and thinks that they will help bring history alive for students once back at their desks. The two future graduates are testing out their new skills on the battlefield of academia. Carris is attending university this fall and plans to study history, while Ben will be making his way through classrooms in search for more knowledge about how things work by studying engineering or another science-based major not too far off from where he’s standing now with chemistry classes already underway right outside campus' freshmen quadrangle -known affectionately around here as “The Quad."

Ben was excited about the lessons he learned from Mr. Anderson, and it's easy to see why-he has already implemented some of these ideas in his teaching at school. "My goal is to become a history teacher," says Ben! But what made him really take notice? The use of story chronologies helped tie together various topics while also making them more engaging; understanding how different people used stories throughout time period created meaningful connections between our own lives today with those who lived years ago--that impressed me most."

In 2020 and 2021, school closings across the country left countless high-school seniors without a chance to receive their diplomas. At Delaware State University in Dover - Apple Distinguished School of Education graduate Tony Allen's alma mater where he also serves as President for over 20 years now--a group effort was launched not let that happen again this year!. In an unexpected move by both students and faculty members alike; they worked late nights into early mornings putting together plans on how best accommodate those who couldn't make it before time ran out or choose from other options available such as virtual ceremonies instead.

Dr. Edwards, an educator and former television producer at Delaware State University has been working on a completely virtual ceremony that can stream online so graduates and their families could experience the event from anywhere in perpetuity with just one click of button! She put out call for video messages of support or congratulations which were responded by many different people both locally as well as internationally who wanted nothing more than to wish them well on this big day ahead; now all it takes is someone clicking "play" when they're ready - no need for any special equipment needed either because these messages play right off your phone (or tablet).

The video was a hit! We even heard from parents who used their student’s iPad to record the proceedings. It came together so fluently because almost everything was shot on Apple devices and I edited my work with an iPhone6 Plus as well as using Keynote for graphics creation tasks like transitions, titles etc.. The chaplain also recorded herself blessing us in iMovie which is available on iPhones too (just search "benediction").

What would you say if I told you that there are two-and-a half hours out of the day, every single second, when your brain is at its most relaxed? That during these times it can be churning away on tasks in an effort for self improvement without even realizing what's happening inside yourself. The answer to this seemingly impossible mystery starts with one very special thing - sleep! And while some people may always have trouble getting enough ZZZZs due them all sorts of commitments outside their own bedcovers (don't judge), many others find themselves struggling less after making changes like adopting new habits or starting up activities they enjoy doing before hitting head start.

“The final product was amazing,” says Austin Williams with a smile. The 23-year old graduate helped produce last year's ceremony and is thrilled to have been involved in such an important moment for his family members who were also present at the event. He knew it would make up for what happened before: “I was sitting home watching this on TV one day when they showed all those clips from our class' years together - walking across that stage as part of something big--and having no idea where my life went."

Dr. Allen and Dr. Edwards created an innovative hybrid set of ceremonies for 2021 graduates that included virtual elements throughout — something they will continue to use in the future with their next commencement ceremony! Dr. Allen is a real-life hero, not just in the classroom but also outside of it. He has been an active member on many issues relating to race and equity all year long—From holding more than 50 virtual university forums for students from across America who are affected by both pandemic fatigue as well as nationwide protests about these same topics his own school was prepared when he started this new role last fall; providing every student with access (an iPad or Mac laptop) along side keyboard n' Apple Pencil while they're here at Delaware State University means we can help kids get their education no matter where they live!

Dr. Allen says that they were able to offer 1,700 in-person classes this year because of digital tools on Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. The class is available anytime for students who want it; there's no need wait until Monday morning! With her team’s hard work over five days--from early Friday evening through Sunday lunchtime–their retention rates went up 5%. They know now what will happen at school or out into society with these skills so can be better prepare themselves than ever before."

In just a few short years, Williams has been able to turn his college education into practice and make it work for him. "I love telling stories," says the proud alumni of Delaware State University's Master in Military Studies program." Being part-time employee at Dr. Edwards' company helped me develop skills that will help create my own marketing firm one day - which is what every ambitious person wants: To have their own business where they can be successful without anyone else holding them back from doing what needs done!"


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