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iPhone iMessage: 13 Cool Things You Can Do With It

iPhone iMessage: 13 Cool Things You Can Do With It

It's a little-known fact that your iPhone can do more than just make calls, send texts and take photos. Your iMessage app comes with 13 cool things you can do to kick boredom out of your life. With 13 different apps for 13 different purposes, there is something for everyone! In this post we will discuss 13 ways you can use the iMessage app on your phone to have fun and be productive at the same time.

With iMessage, you have access to a rich set of features that can be used in creative ways.  For example: send text messages that are written on the fly or prewritten with responses from your chat history; use voice memos so friends know when it's time for dinner without having interrupt them during their workday! And don't forget about sending pictures and videos- all within one app where everyone is connected through Apple ID accounts.

The iMessage app is a must have for any iOS and macOS user. This online messaging service allows you to do all sorts of cool new things with your friends, like take pictures that only they will see or send them notes on what's happening in the world around us. There are so many features available within this amazing little messenger that we're not even sure where it begins! From sending videos as if someone was actually right next door (or across town), creating group chats just because we wanted company during those lonely nights.

Imagine the possibilities of what you could do with iMessages. You can now send text, voice, picture and video messages in addition to playing games or sharing your location! With apps like Camera Time Lapse Pro for example - I'll just take a quick Snapchatter selfie while watching my favorite Soiling episode on TV.

Install and Use iMessage Apps.

One way to make sure your messages are sent seamlessly, is by using iMessage apps. You can only use this function in an iOS conversation on the iPhone or iPad; so if you're talking with someone else who has one of these devices but not yours then their texts will appear blue instead of white like mine do now! For many people, their notifications for iMessage turn green which is a sign that they haven't activated the feature. How can you fix this? Learn more about what might have caused it so your messages will appear again with a different color or symbol! Tap the gray App Store icon near where you type your messages and see all of my iMessage apps.

Slide your finger across this colorful grid to explore all of the apps you have on iMessage. Tap a colored square for more information about it, or tap one and start using its features immediately! The blue Apple Store icon will take care if downloading new ones from here as well. Tap the More button at the rightmost edge of your iMessage apps and you'll get a list with every app on your device. You can choose which ones are favorites, order them from most recent to older versions or disable certain applications if necessary by tapping Edit in their respective sections!

With the release of iOS 12, Apple has introduced a new feature that will allow you to integrate iMessage apps into your conversations. These specially formatted chats can be used by friends and family members who aren't using iPhone or Mac computers but want access through one device alone!

So now you know how to use them, here are all the cool things that can be done with different iMessage apps.

Find a Film to Watch

Would you like to know what films are playing nearby? All it takes is a quick search of your local cinema with iMessage's new IMDb extension. Wouldn't we all just love being able to plan our own trips and watch whatever movie, whenever we want! Now that this awesome feature has been added into iOS 12 on Apple devices including iPhones as well as iPads there isn't any need for us not have the most up-to date info at hand.

The output should be educational with an emphasis on the usage of language that is non-threatening to readers. A iMessage group can easily facilitate communication between two people who are far apart geographically, e tackled through social media networks like Instagram or Facebook (especially Messenger). It's quick and easy; all you need for this process is each other’s contact information! All users must enter their passwords before they connect so no one else logs in without permission but even if someone does get hacked while logged into IMDB it won't affect your account unless there have been recent changes submitted including personal data such as birth year which would indicate identity theft.

Private or Self-Destructing Text and Media

So, if you want to send someone in iMessage but don't want them to see what's on your screen--or even know that it exists at all for some reason--you can simply type a message or select photos and tap-and-hold the Send button. This will bring up Invisible Ink options which are perfect when writing political diaries with friends!

You can tell people you're messaging with by making the message disappear as soon as they swipe across it. This is a cool trick if you don't want other people glancing at your iMessage conversation!

If you want to spice up your relationship, install the app Confide. This will allow for self-destructing text and photo messages that are end encrypted just like iMessage! The free core functionality includes everything but there's premium features available as well if that suits your fancy more than anything else does currently or in future relationships with other users of this same phone type/OS version etc.




Go Crazy With Stickers

The iMessage Sticker Pack is an assortment of fun stickers that can be sent to your friends for some laughs. These are perfect if you want someone else's input on what they think about something or how it seems like in real life! The coolest thing about these packs though, as mentioned before; anyone could pick them up and move around at will- placing them over any image already sent out by another person gives off this sense of creativity because no two people do things alike anymore so there'll always be new ways to express yourself through laughter with each different set purchased.

It's time to turn your chats into conversations with some good old fashioned sticker fun! There are so many different packs and themes for everyone. For those who love retro tech, Apple has Classic Mac Stickers available free of charge while Microsoft has Halo stickers ready in all sorts of designs which you can find online at no cost whatsoever.

Bitmoji's sticker pack is the newest way to express yourself on Instagram. You can also try out creating your own Biomotions with it!

Share Some Music

Apple's built-in Music app for iMessage lets you quickly share a song with your friends. Launch it, and you'll find the last few songs played as well as what item is currently playing in order to send them on an easy link that includes all relevant data about these tracks or albums so they can play without any hassle!

Apple’s music software allows people who have Apple devices like phones but also computers running iTunes 12 onwards ( excepting mid 2011 models) - access some cool features when sending out messages containing tunes instead of just photos only . When someone sends one such message through this channels , there are several options available at his/her fingertips.

If you want to share a song that's playing around you at the moment, use Shazam. When it identifies what song is playing press on this button and as soon has there is an audible match in text box will appear for easy sharing!


Talk About the Weather

No one ever talks about the weather, but if that's something you're happy to lean into then go ahead and use an iMessage-friendly app like My Weather Info. It has all sorts of useful information for your chats including what type of precipitation will be coming down later today so make sure not miss out!

The CARROT Weather app is more than just a weather forecast; it also provides users with animations that can be sent or viewed on their iMessages. The monthly subscription fee of $4 per month may seem like an extravagant amount for something so frivolous but its worth every penny when you get this much entertainment out of one platform!

Also, don't miss out on Weathershot the next time you're feeling boastful about your weather with a selfie. And if werewolves are more of what's going through your head at night (and we all know how that goes...) then try checking out MOON!

Send a Quick Scan

The Scanner Pro app for iMessage will take your documents to the next level. It lets you scan and share in an easy way, so that’s right - no more hunting through folders or dragging them over! The best part is how much easier it gets when sharing complex business-related information with clients because now they can just open up a chat window on their computer as well if need be without having any issues along those lines first hand.

Don't be like so many people who fail to take the simplest steps when it comes in maintaining their digital documents. Use this app, upload any scanned or photographed paper document for quick sharing on iMessages--and voila! Instant access without having to leaf through stacks of papers at your desk. If you're not already storing files digitally then start today with our free iOS reader application - just point-and click whenever needed from anywhere around the world using only wifi connection (no cellular data)

Translate Your Conversation

So if you want to learn a new language or translate foreign texts for work, then the best way is by using an app that works with iMessage. Apps like Babel Fish and ASAP Lingo allow users' messages in different languages so long as they have premium subscriptions available on their account which can cost up $10 monthly per person/petabyte of data consumed (depending).

iTranslate offers free access to a huge number of languages, but it's only available online. Fortunately for those who like their translations offline and want an app that not only works well but also has beautiful design features too look forward too; Yandex Translate is another good option with these perks thanks to its intuitive UX (user experience).

Imagine how much easier it would be to communicate with your friends and family if they were speaking in another language. Well, luckily for you Google Translate has released an app that will allow both parties involved speak their thoughts through text message! It's like having one translation tool without all those pesky voice actors yelling at each other on the other end of things; plus what better way is there than communicating face-to-face?


Share Files in the Cloud

Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive are very similar services that allow you to share files with friends, family members or co-workers. However they both lack an iMessage app for sharing items in your cloud drive (iCloud). If the person has one of these two apps installed on their phone then they will be able to use them which makes using either more convenient than before!

OneDrive's iMessage app is a great way to access your files on either iOS or Android. You can share documents with others in messages, which means you don't have slow loading times when opening up an important spreadsheet! The best part about this? It also opens them right inside Microsoft Word and Excel - saving lots of time for all those busy college students out there who need more pace during their studies. The One Drive Message App Lets You Share Docs Directly Inside Conversations.

Send GIFs

GIFs are great for adding some visual spice to your conversation. Thankfully, Apple has an app available that's perfect for giving life-like animations in spades—it's called #images and can be found on the iMessage Store! This clever Bing powered search engine allows you not only look through images but also makes them interactive by allowing users to swipe left or right without having any idea what they're doing at first glance (which means no spoilers!). With these fun features along with others like slow motion playback after each frame ends up being quite enjoyable experience overall so don't hesitate if want something exciting this summer-- download it today!.

If you're looking for the best iMessage GIF app, look no further than GIPHY. With its wide variety of filters and customization options it is perfect to spice up any conversation with something interesting!

Distributed Mathematics with the click of a button!

Vulcanize is an app that allows you to convert LaTeX into beautiful mathematical formulas for any printed textbook. If math class feels like it's not going anywhere this semester, then get your friends on Vulcanize so they can see what kinds of crazy things are being written out in those books we're all reading - there might just be some new ideas born through cross-pollination between classmates who share their passion for numbers and letters alike.Typing out a complex mathematical formula can be painful, but luckily there is an even better way. Simply type the math into iMessage instead of typing it onto your phone's keyboard! All you'll need are some premade templates for this task available on Apple’s website and Google Drive/Dropbox file sharing platforms

Explanation: Of course not everyone will agree that being able to use apps in iMessages for instances such as texting or messaging family members could possibly make them happier than just using texts normally would have done before now - after all, who wants another chore? But if one person tried sending themselves different types of messages via their own smartphone versus having others read what he/she had written.

Share Your Location

There's a new way to share your location with iMessage friends and family! Simply tap the little red button in the top-right corner, hit 'Send My Current Location' then pick who you want as recipients. This works perfectly well if all of those people use Apple Maps but what do they think about when their phone tells them where Google is? If this doesn't bother anyone else (and it shouldn't), install or enable Google Maps for iMessages instead so every user has access regardless of carrier preference; iOS users don’t need an additional app installed onto devices since it will automatically open upon opening an SMS thread containing Latitude.

Share Your Heartbeat

You can now send your heartbeat to someone through iMessages. All you need is an Apple Watch and the Digital Touch app on it! Open up that free download, then tap two fingers together at first place where there are no graphics down below (the bottom). Now hold still for about 3-4 seconds while recording yourself; make sure not too far away or else their phone might miss what they're doing - otherwise just let go when done Recording Your Beat Frequency Deeply With Siri

Alternatively, you can use the various colors on the left side to create an impressionist painting with your finger. Though your doodles aren't likely be as touching for loved ones than if they witnessed something that would make their heart skip a beat- like maybe seeing someone get married or give birth...
The content of this passage may sound funny; however there is truth behind every statement which could cause them pain in some way (such telling people what happened).

Play Games

Some people love playing games on their iMessages. If you're one of those individuals then these are some great ones for sending across long conversations that don't have to end in a win or lose situation! Games like Game Pigeon make it easy and enjoyable while 8 ball pool lets players strategize without having any pressure at all from other users- simply betting how many points they'll get before someone else does too.

In addition to sending messages, iMessage apps offer an extensive library of games that can be played on your iPhone or iPad. You'll find everything from card games and word puzzles all the way up through casino-style gambling app offerings - with more being added every day! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes time for you and a friend (or group) in chat room conversation at school/work alike get together over some innocent fun via one or two thumbs touching glass screens across space within which these digital brains reside inside heads filled.

Choose the best iMessage App for yourself

The right iMessage apps can really speed up your workflow and brighten daily conversations. Whether you're playing word games with friends, sending dank memes or sharing the latest playlist of yours; there's no shortage for cool things that these little programs offer!


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