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Saving One Man’s Life with the Apple Watch

Saving One Man’s Life with the Apple Watch

Apple CEO Tim Cook once said, "I'm so proud of the work we do at Apple to help people live healthier lives. Our products are designed to be empowering and life-changing." The Apple Watch is no exception. This amazing device has already saved one man's life — and it could save yours too!

When Scott Killian woke up in bed with a painful jaw, he had no idea that the Apple Watch on his wrist could be crucial for saving his life. He remembered having chest pains and feeling groggy before falling asleep hours earlier - but when it came time to call 911 during an emergency situation last week things took off incredibly quickly from there! A few weeks ago I was sleeping soundly until someone shook me awake at midnight because they heard something upstairs-my heart Romania.

His bright blue watch is so stylish that it would be difficult for anyone to resist the allure of Apple. "I'm really liking my newly purchased timepiece," he told me proudly as we cruised by his desk on our way out-the door, "It was an easy choice."

After a few months shy of 50, Killian says he recently underwent a nuclear stress test and metabolic workout to rule out any health concerns associated with his age. After thousands dollars in tests at over 5 different hospitals across 3 countries (the U-S+, Germany, & Ireland), including doctors' offices who charged up $800 just for an hour long consultation on how best handle this medical situation; all were cleared without issue!

Killian is always on the go, and it takes a lot of effort to stay in shape. He boxes at least once per week as well as exercises regularly for his physical health; he never forgets about eating healthy food too! Killian works long hours each day so staying energetic can be difficult sometimes - but when you're surrounded by co-workers who are constantly complaining or asking questions then anything becomes possible...or necessary haha murder has been known happen during times like these.

He had no reason to expect a heart attack and actually took steps to proactively be aware of any pending medical issues. This man was proactive in his approach for the unexpected, even having an allergy test done before starting on his medication!

After waking up around 1 am with an alert from HeartWatch, Killian realized that his resting heart rate was elevated while sleeping. He experienced mild indigestion which could be a sign of having had the beginnings of what's known as "a heart attack" or other cardiac problems during sleep; however it didn't feel too serious so he went back to bed for another hour before getting out of there at 3am when this episode finally broke through into consciousness-level reality.

His Apple Watch recorded his heart rate at around 121 beats per minute in the middle of night, while data previously captured showed an average resting heart rate for him was 49 bpm. After recording his resting heart rate for the first time since he began wearing Apple Watch, it increased to a level that is usually seen only in hospital admissions. As such, Mr Jones went straight away and was admitted by ambulance with an arrhythmia caught before anything else happens!

Killian's thoughts turned to frustration when they were still in the ER and waiting for any news on their injured son. He felt like all this time, money... everything was being wasted while they couldn't even get an update from anyone at work or home about what had happened with him! When suddenly there came a voice over an EKG machine telling them "This is your husband" which connected through Skype then we heard his wife respond via speaker phone right into our room - so both of us listeners could hear her clearly just as if she'd stepped out onto our porch.

There are many reasons why a hospital's machinery could be off, but it was his Apple Watch that kept reporting the correct beats per minute. He says he noticed this when doctors took some blood for testing - and even though their machine read 90 BPM (beats Per Minute) higher than what they got from him on staff recruitment day at school sports festival beginnings of math class gym shorts activity outdoors afternoon autumn break birthdays

While we're all accustomed to checking our watches during long meetings or after dinner conversations with friends and family who may not know how fast heart rates normally go up while sitting still without any physical exertion whatsoever, one man discovered something curious about an old friend last week: Her wildly varying readings were actually accurate!

The doctor called in concern that an elevated enzyme indicated a heart attack had occurred or was soon to happen. They ran some blood tests, and thankfully four stents were required as the blockages caused by this event are too severe - they wouldn't be able stop any more from reaching major vessels!

"Eleven thousand dollars in tests and they all came back negative," Killian says. He told his surgeon that he went to the ER because of it, but was met with an interesting response from him--the Apple Watch had nothing to do with why Killian sought medical help for chest pain.

He said if I had kept sleeping, the next thing you know would be my death. And this man is here to prove it because he saved me from a terrible fate of never waking up again

It's a great day for all the Apple Watch owners out there. This new revolutionary technology can save your life! I was just talking to my grandpa about how he died at 55 from an attack in bed - before we even knew that this type of watch existed, and now they're available withing reach for only $350... or less if you have benefits coverage through work. It feels pretty amazing knowing something so simple as Time could make such important difference in someone else’s world.

Scott Killian bought an Apple Watch because, unlike most people who buy fitness trackers or smartwatches for their health and wellness benefits, he wanted the watch's productivity side. He says it clicked when all of those little numbers started adding up on his wrist during meetings--and he realized this meant life-saving potential!

I asked Scott killian why originally bought apple watch? His answer was not just about tracking things like steps walked which is important but also how much work you can get done with everything else going around us.

"I have worn a variety of watches throughout my life and Phones are always getting in the way. I recently started using an Apple Watch to set timers and alarms while at work, which has been more productive than ever before thanks to its functionality as both wristwatch or fitness tracker."

Killian planned to stop boxing after his heart attack, but he purchased a home workout machine in order to maintain physical activity. He also bought AliveCor’s Kardia Band for Apple Watch — an FDA approved EKG reader with instant results that can be shared by doctors without going through hospital visits or waiting hours at Dr.'s offices."

The Apple Watch and Kardia Band have enabled Scott Killian, an athlete with chronic heart disease who is unable to know his own limits based on a resting monitor- which could lead him into dangerous territory without realizing it.

“The feeling of invincibility is just gone,” said Killian. “There are so many things you take for granted when everything feels normal and then suddenly something happens that makes it all blindsfold." A Psychological Deficit in Heart Attacks: The Devastating Loss of How I Used to Feel About Myself.

Scott Killian was relieved to discover that Apple Watch, not his heart, had the power to save him. In fact he attributes its success in part of getting out on a hiking trip and feeling better after experiencing chest pains while walking up hills-a signpost for something serious if left unchecked! This powerful story is just one inspiring tale about how techwear companies are empowering people all over earth through wearable technology such as smartphones or smart watches. Scott's battle taught us an important lesson: when things go wrong we must stay active so our body has time enough energy stores needed during emergencies like these ones!

Knowing that you're having a problem right now is going to make life easier. The need for instant gratification, or "instant eugene", has always been present in our society. The EKG machine provides just this type of solution with its ability and immediacy: A little unsettledness becomes better resolved when one knows they can press 'start' anytime there's an issue at hand - like feeling sick all day long!


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