The Apple Watch Series 6 Review

on September 19, 2020

The Apple Watch Series 6 is officially launched.  It's been little over 24 hours and so far the new watch has not disappointed.  First hands-on reviews of the new watch are now appearing online.

Apple’s smart watch has made some improvements in design and features over the past few years, but the new Apple Watch Series 6 has made bigger improvement this time around.

What New Features Does the Apple Watch Series 6 Have?

  • Blood Oxygen Sensor, which uses a cluster of four LEDs and four photodiodes (extremely small lenses)
  • Brighter always-on display
  • Connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi signals
  • Improved Battery Life (Charges Faster)
  • 20% faster processor than Series 5

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Check the full video review of Apple Watch Series 6


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by Hope on March 02, 2021

Are u going to make 3rd part ones


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