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Top Tips on Buying an Apple Watch for Working Professionals

Top Tips on Buying an Apple Watch for Working Professionals

The smartwatch industry is a booming industry at the moment and almost all of the smartphone manufacturers have at least launched one model of their smart watch series.

But even among so many competitors, the Apple Watch still offers features that give it an edge in many ways over all of the other smart watch brands.

So if you are planning to buy an Apple Watch, you need to be aware of a few things because Apple Watches within themselves offer several variations, all of which can influence your buying decision. Especially if you aren’t just an Apple Watch enthusiast but a working professional who would want to derive maximum advantage out of owning an Apple Watch.

So let’s begin looking at some of the tips that we have compiled on buying an Apple Watch especially if you are a working professional such as a health care agent, lawyer, school teacher, etc.

Tips on Buying an Apple Watch for Working Professionals

Top tips on buying an Apple Watch for working professionals

The following is a list of 6 tips to help you buy the Apple Watch that will serve you in the right manner.

1. Buying the right size according to your wrist size

Keeping in view of the difference in wrist sizes of different people, Apple Watch cases come in two size models.

The first is a 40mm model, designed to fit wrist sizes between the range of 130mm to 200mm.

The second Apple Watch comes in 44mm model and has been designed to fit wrist sizes between the range of 140mm to 220mm.

Generally, men have thicker wrist sizes than women but still before you buy your Apple Watch, make sure to check the size of your wrist and buy the model that fits perfectly.

2. Choosing the right watch body material

This is again something that you would rarely find in any other smart watch brand.

Apple Watch cases are manufactured in 3 totally different metals namely – aluminum, stainless steel and titanium.

Starting with the Apple Watch in aluminum, it is the lightest in weight and also the cheapest in price. The glass used in the aluminum model is less scratch resistant so if your job includes simple office work and not much of a physical activity, this model will suit you.

The rest of the two Apple Watch models built in stainless steel and titanium are high-end models, with more resistance to any kind of external harm and wear-and-tear issues. In addition to wear-and-tear issues, you also need to keep in mind your professional dress codes when buying your Apple Watch.

So buy your Apple Watch in the material that compliments your professional attire and does not become an embarrassment in front of your colleagues and clients.

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3. Choosing between the GPS-only and LTE cellular models

Apple Watches are offered with two forms of connectivity to keep your watch connected all the time.

The basic and less expensive models have GPS-only connectivity options while all the other expensive models come with LTE cellular models.

The difference between the two is that for GPS-only models, you need to essentially have an iPhone or a Wi-Fi connection to stay connected, sync data updates and make use of various apps.

On the other hand, Apple Watch models with LTE cellular connectivity can be used as standalone devices capable of performing most functions independent of the iPhone or an active Wi-Fi connection.

Depending on the nature of your job and your location, choose the watch that can stay connected all the time and be a perfect companion.

4. Pairing your Apple Watch with the right band

When it comes to buying the Apple Watch, you have a ton of options to select your watch band from depending on your preferences to suit your taste and job nature.

Similar to the Apple Watch case material, the band you select will tell a lot about your personality and job etiquettes that you uphold.

5. Added benefits for health care professionals

Currently among two of the major models of the Apple Watch i.e. Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE, the series 6 has been packed with additional functionality to suit the professionals working in the health care sector.

Bottom line

Investing in buying an Apple Watch can be a big decision for many simply considering the fact of how expensive it is.

So keep in mind the above tips on buying an saving money to refresh your Apple Watch straps.  This way you get the best return for your money.

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