What is it about the Milanese Loop Straps

on December 23, 2020

Out of the different type material and design wrist watch straps that can be paired with your Apple watch, using a Milanese loop strap can be the best choice. In fact, buying a Milanese loop strap Apple watch is the smartest decision after buying your smartwatch from Apple.

applewatch milanese loop strap

Why are Milanese loop straps so expensive?

However, buying a Milanese loop strap can add significant cost to the amount of money that you are investing in buying your Apple smart watch.

This is primarily because of four main reasons – 

  • A Milanese loop strap is made up of stainless steel metal (at least this is what you get when you buy a good quality Milanese loop strap),

  • The manufacturing of a Milanese loop strap mesh is a complex procedure and therefore it adds up the cost,

  • The Milanese loop strap has a magnetic end which makes it super convenient to use, and

  • The magnetic power of the Milanese loop strap is rightfully adjusted to serve two important purposes.
    First, if the magnetic strength was too weak or weak, it would be hard to keep both sides of the Milanese loop strap intact and all the time you would be worrying of losing your Apple watch.
    And second, if the magnetic strength was too strong it would be hard to adjust or take off the watch in a convenient manner.

The above four factors do contribute to raising the cost of a Milanese loop strap for Apple smart watch but despite all this, they still remain a preferred choice among most of the Apple smart watch users.

What gives Milanese loop straps an edge among other wrist watch straps for your Apple watch?

In this article, we look at some of the core reasons why many Apple smart watch users find it a different experience to use Milanese wrist watch straps.

1. Easy to adjust, fits perfectly

The first and the most highlighted advantage of using a Milanese loop strap instead of any other wrist watch strap for your Apple watch is that it is super easy to adjust and fits perfectly around your wrist.

This is because of the magnetic end of the Milanese loop strap.

Unlike other wrist watch straps for your Apple watch which have holes and you have to decide between which hole the strap fits perfectly, the Milanese loop strap has no such issues.

It’s just a matter of the magnetic end touching any point on the other strap and bam, it’s done.

2. Easy to wear and take off

Again due to the magnetism of the Milanese loop strap, putting your Apple watch on and taking it off is super easy, convenient and doesn’t require any time.

It is as simple as making a click.

apple watch milanese loop strap band

3. Makes it perfect for formal wear

While wearing your Apple watch with any other kind of wrist watch strap would make it unfavorable to be worn at any formal event, the same does not apply to a Milanese loop strap.

This is because Milanese loop straps have been used in various famous and expensive designs of luxury analog watches even way before the invention of smart watches.

So this compliments it for any formal wear.

4. Avoids gathering of moist as air passes easily

Due to the tiny pores in between the Milanese loop strap mesh, air can easily pass and reach your skin so no moisture gathers on it at any point under the Milanese loop straps of your Apple watch.

This is not the case with other wrist watch straps.

5. Available in different colors that do not wear off easily

Milanese loop straps for your Apple watch are available in several different highly attractive colors to suit your choice and different attire combinations and styles.

In addition to this, Milanese loop straps last longer and do not wear off easily unlike other wrist watch straps.

Bottom line

All the above benefits combined, a Milanese loop strap for your Apple watch is definitely worth an investment.

However if you are still worried about its high costs, do not worry any more.

This is because there are a good number of less expensive options of Milanese loop straps available for your Apple watch which fit it perfectly.

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