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5 Tips for Apple Watch Owners That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

5 Tips for Apple Watch Owners That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Apple watches are great devices that can do a lot of things, but sometimes they can be difficult to use. That's why we have put together this list of 5 apple watch tips that will make your life so much easier! These apple watch tips range from simple changes you can make to the apple watch settings to more complex tasks like changing the way notifications work.

apple watch battery life

1. The Apple Watch's battery life is the most important

The Apple Watch's battery life is dependent on how much you use it so turn off any features that are not necessary. You can also charge the watch in well-lit areas like your office or bedroom, which will give a boost to its overall capacity.

The beauty of using an Apple Watch is being able to customize and activate different functions depending on what type of activity one may be doing at the time but this comes with tradeoffs as certain options may take up more power than others (e.g., audio playback uses considerably less energy than navigation). The best way users have found around such limitations has been by turning off all unnecessary settings during periods when they know their device won't need them for extended amounts of time while recharging sessions should

apple watch apps

2. Only Use Apps you need and Remove you don't use 

Whether you're looking for a new game or just want to learn how your run times stack up, there's an app out there that can make life on the go more convenient. One of Apple Watch apps allows users to customize their own watch face with everything from sports teams logos and colors, all the way down to weather indicators.

A cool feature about this app is it also includes background images like clouds in various shades of blue so at first glance people may think they are just gazing up into space but when angled correctly will see hidden details scattered across our planet!

apple watch airplane mode

3. Set to Airplane mode on IPHONE and Apple Watch

You may want to consider putting your phone in Airplane mode when using the Watch as this will save power and extend its battery life. This is because the Watch has a Bluetooth connection to an iPhone, which can be draining on both devices' batteries if left running all day.

When you need to use the phone, but it's not handy, reach for your apple watch. A few presses will do what you want without having to take out and look at a phone screen that, if you're in bright sunlight or flashing lights from a disco ball or strobe light is hard on the eyes. And don't worry about missing an important call while using Watch - when paired with iPhone via Bluetooth, both devices receive all notifications so any missed calls will show up on the paired device closest at hand."


4. Choose to Swipe Up

Swiping up on your notifications is much simpler on the Apple Watch than opening the app to see what your notification is. The intuitive navigation options are one of the best features of Apple's newest gadget and a lot of people have come up with different ways to use them in order to better enjoy their time on it - including swipes and taps that mimic those used by an iPhone or iPad.  Swiping left from the main home screen will take you back through apps you've been using so far while tapping at any point on your display will open its corresponding app panel which can be navigated around by scrolling horizontally as well as vertically.

do not disturb apple watch

5. Turn on "Do Not Disturb"

This will keep your apple watch from buzzing and distracting you while it's in Do Not Disturb mode.  It can be turned on through the settings panel by tapping "Do Not Disturb" under the "My Watch" tab or swiping up to reveal Control Center where a toggle for DND is available at any time, as well as during meetings and driving sessions which are automatically detected by Apple Watch.

If an email comes into apple mail with an attachment that needs opening, just open the message on your apple watch using Force Touch followed by Select All then Open In... To save space on your tiny screen tap Delete after selecting all attachments so only those messages remain visible without them taking up valuable real estate. 

apple watch tips

The Apple Watch has a lot of features and functionality, so it’s important to know how to maximize its battery life. Download apps that will make the watch more useful for your needs (such as activity tracking).

If you have an iPhone and a Watch, put your phone in Airplane mode when using the watch- this way you can see what notifications are without having to open them first. Turn on "Do Not Disturb" mode during meetings or while driving if they don't require constant attention from you. It's also helpful to turn off any nonessential features on the watch like turning off heart rate monitoring unless necessary or notifying you every time there is an app update.

Try these tips out for yourself! What are some of your favorite tips you would like to share?

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