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Apple Has Explored Adding Positionable Cameras to Apple Watch Bands:

Apple Has Explored Adding Positionable Cameras to Apple Watch Bands:

Those were the days, when the consumers used to carry portable camera's along with their phones and  chargers individually for all the electronic equipment. To bring a solution for this problem, Apple has came up with a smart idea of adding the camera option to their Apple watch brand. This will not only lesser the burden the consumer of carrying different gadgets for their usage but will also be consider as budget friendly option replacing expensive cameras.

The patent registration of an Apple watch states that the Apple Watch's display will act  as the viewfinder,  which would make possible for the watch to take pictures and record videos. Not only this, but also the camera on this Apple watch could enable photo capturing and also allows FaceTiming -  all on your wrist.According to a 2018 patent application (seen by Patently Apple), Apple is considering integrating a camera sensor inside the Digital Crown, the rotating dial and button used to navigate the user interface and take ECG readings. Having so many activities on wrist can ease our life on a greater basis.

To further assist you, I would like to drop an example explaining how the camera on these Apple watches will work. If the person clicking the photo wants to capture the object in front of them or even to click a selfie they simply have to pull the strap upwards. Moreover, The patent also mentions having a band with two cameras in "opposing optical  directions," and one of the images in the document gives information about how the camera may swivel to snap pictures on either side of the band. Also, if the consumer is not using the camera he/she can simply tuck the camera out from the watch band.



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