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Apple is Helping Community Caregivers Spread Hope in Ghana Amid Two Pandemics

Apple is Helping Community Caregivers Spread Hope in Ghana Amid Two Pandemics

In a time when many people are feeling hopeless, it is important to remember that there are still good things happening in the world. In Ghana, Apple has been partnering with local community care organizations to bring people hope during a difficult time. These caregivers work tirelessly to provide support and care for those who need it most, whether it's due to drought or the virus.

When Joseph started taking his daily antiretroviral therapy (ART) medication, he had been living with HIV for six years. The 27-year old is picking up a two month supply of lifesaving drugs at St Martin de Porres Hospital in Accra Ghana to be taken throughout this time before the project ends and then starts over again on others who need it just like him so they too can live full lives despite having an incurable disease. Joseph has been receiving treatment since childhood but now that there's an end in sight after today--when Dr.'s prescribe their last cocktail containing 3 back-to -school items including tablets or capsules you probably haven't heard about.

Joseph is one of the many people living with HIV in Ghana who are part of an organization called Modelo del HOPE, which stands for Hope Club. This program was created by Christian Health Association (CHAG) and enlisted their help when they needed someone's assistance to assist those that had tested positive for this virus. CHAG gets support from Global Fund organizations like The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints while providing healthcare services locally as well internationally through travel grants or medical supplies sent over seas.

St. Martin de Porres Hospital, an outreach hospital in Ghana on the outskirts of Accra that receives critical support from Global Fund and Apple alike Receiving much needed funds through their partner organizations as well-the assistance provided has allowed this facility to grow into one with many advanced services like nebulizers for children's asthma treatment or dialysis machines so people don't need to go overseas when they're sick if there isn’t someone available at home who can help them out.

Apple is marking 15 years of commitment to support the Global Fund's efforts in stopping the spread of AIDS across sub-Saharan Africa. In partnership, Apple has raised nearly $270 million through its (PRODUCT)RED campaign that will go towards vital programs providing life saving medication and services for people living with HIV/AIDS on a continentwide scale. This year alone we have seen more than 1 billion app downloads worldwide thanks largely due partnerships like this one where companies are willing not just donate their time or money but also resources such as engineering talent & expertise when needed most.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made this mission even more critical. To address the dual challenges, last year Global Fund launched its response to help alleviate impact on communities already grappling with HIV and AIDS. In 2005 when they were first diagnosing cases of H1N1 flu across Africa it became clear how devastating a global health emergency can be if left unchecked In 2019 alone we've seen another wave come attacking our population from all sides—this time not only as an infection but also in destructive waves like earthquakes or fires which take lives needlessly just because their home didn't make sense anymore."

Apple is one of the first companies to shift attention and resources from their own company-related fight against cancer, namely PRO 574 (a type breast), by funding Global Fund’s COVID 19 efforts in order for them not only raise money but also make sure people know about how important it can be. They will continue redirecting half past eligible proceeds received through PRODUCT(RED) purchases until 2022 with another 50% going towards fighting this global epidemic called AIDS".

The COVID-19 pandemic is making it more difficult for patients to get their antiretroviral therapy medications at hospitals like St. Martin de Porres, but the hospital staff are doing everything they can so that those in need have access and an opportunity to receive medical care and treatment.

Joseph is one of 13.8 million people who has access to ART as a result of Apple’s contributions to the Global Fund's efforts in Africa, and he sees this through his work with Model Of Hope program where they counsel those that have been affected by COVID-19 . "When its time for them come visit my office so I can give out their medication sometimes," says Joseph referring not only how difficult it was but also prevented many from coming into receive treatment because there were no more doses available due having occurred during an outbreak which left over two billion without medicines altogether.

HIV is no longer a death sentence. Two decades ago, the Global Fund and contributing partners like Apple worked together to fight this disease which had many victims before it could be brought under control with their help. Today we're still fighting larger healthcare issues including COVID-19 because those efforts would not be possible without having laid down so much groundwork in combating HIV first!.

The volunteer workers at Model of Hope are a lifeline for those with HIV and need medication, counseling or emergency medical care. The immunocompromised population is especially susceptible to COVID-19 exposure because they're often unable (or unwilling)to leave home due their condition which leaves them extremely vulnerable when outlander access cannot be provided by other family members such as nurses who work there full time The model provides this service through its corps member volunteers offering assistance no matter what stage someone may fall into during diagnosis.

“When COVID struck, we had a lot of businesses shut down and people were movement restricted. So the Model-HOPE system helped in that regard; they've been doing very well identifying those who needed drugs," says Kafui Kornu, CHAG's senior communications officer." When these individuals go out into their communities to get access points for medicine--like how many times have you heard someone say 'I'm not coming back here because nobody will tell me what kind it is'? And then when our staff would come by with some packages from Hope pharmacy on Avenue C or wherever-, sometimes there'd be more than one person waiting outside afterhours.

Rebecca, 45 years old and a volunteer worker in the Model of Hope program has been on ART for 15 years. Despite being diagnosed HIV+, she was able to give birth three times with all children testing negative because Rebecca followed prevention protocols during pregnancy which help prevent mother-to child transmission (PMTCT). As result Apple contributed $1 million dollars over last decade towards Global Fund that allowed more than 5 millions pregnant women access PMTT counseling -this helped them save their lives!

"The Global Fund has played an integral role in laying the groundwork for fighting HIV over the last two decades," says Luisa Engel, (RED)’s Chief Impact Officer. "Without their groundbreaking work and commitment to ending this pandemic we would not be able to address larger healthcare issues today including COVID-19." “The healthcare worker that was trained to fight the spread of HIV is also going to be able diagnose your child with malaria, make sure you are not diabetic and put a COVID-19 vaccine in arm. So there's much bigger impact on health community infrastructure built by Global fund as well supported Apple companies."

In Ghana, that translates to a 21% decrease in new HIV infections over the last decade and 200k people on ART up from 40k in 2010. A huge part of this success is rooted with Global Fund’s work communities across all regions; as well as volunteers who help combat stigma by showing life beyond diagnosis can be full despite being positive for AIDS/HIV- helpful messages like these are essential towards combating negative attitudes about treatment among those most vulnerable.

"I started taking the drugs when I was young, and now at age 27," says Joseph. "One day my goal is to be a lab technician because this will help me continue on with school." "If you take your ART then one day in the future; like myself-you can also become someone important!"

Rebecca knows a lot of people in her life who have had brushes with the law, and she wants to help them get back on track. She offers counseling services as well; it’s important for these individuals not only know how they can stay out of trouble themselves but also give their kids some tools when prevention starts at home instead trying desperately pray that no one gets arrested before its too late.

What Rebecca does is - providing support by talking through tough situations more than anything else- which includes both professional development workshops where we provide education regarding legal issues so our clients are better equipped protect themselves against such crimes while still fulfilling obligations like paying bills or maintaining jobs successfully.



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