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This is how Apple celebrated The Black History Month

This is how Apple celebrated The Black History Month

Apple has been a longstanding supporter of Black History Month and this year is no exception. Apple has partnered with the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation to present an exclusive documentary, The Story Behind the Color: People, Places and Products that Changed America on PBS stations during February. This program will highlight how African-Americans have made important contributions to society through technological innovation as well as other fields such as music, sports and entertainment.

Apple has been heavily promoting its new products and services lately. In addition to the Apple Watch Black Unity Collection, they've also released a number of different editorial collections for their clothing line which launched last month in collaboration with Hermes--the company's first ever fashion collection! For example: "Today at Apple," sessions where you can hear about what makes them tick from CEO Tim Cook have all sorts of details on how things work behind-the scene sat this iconic tech firm while also hosting fun activities like live coding demonstrations during Kids Weekends.

Apple is bringing customers a variety of ways to celebrate Black History Month this February. From the new blacked-out colors on their products and services, to offering free iTunes cards for users who purchase them during the month--Apple has something in store!

To celebrate Black History Month, Apple is bringing customers a variety of new and updated collections that highlight the history and contributions from black creators. Apple doesn't just have one or two new things in store for us this February. They're throwing the kitchen sink at you! From curated features across various apps, including Apple Music and Maps Guide app updates to brand-new content on Apple TV alongside an all inclusive Black Unity Collection from WatchOS 5 - there is really something here worth checking out.

App Store

For the month of February, Apple users can visit an app store hub that features Black-owned businesses and developers. The App Store's Black History Month Hub will highlight these individuals throughout its content with social justice apps as well!

The app store will also feature stories from Black developers discussing how important it is for them have a voice within this industry while highlighting other minority groups who do not always get equal footing because their perspectives may be different than those seen typically across most mediums today- which can lead people into thinking these individuals don't contribute anything meaningful when actually there could just simply have been something they had wanted everyone else already knew about but didn’t realize until someone told you themselves!

The App Store Black History Month Hub is spotlighting apps that support black-owned businesses, developers and social justice in celebration of African American heritage month. The app store's monthly hub provides users with access to the latest information about diversity awareness through an interactive map highlighting all types including entertainment/games as well as more traditional categories like education & travel!

Apple Music

To commemorate the Black artists, moments and movements that have shaped global music and pop culture in this new Apple Music initiative.

To honor all our favorite musicians who are not just talented but also inspirational to us - let's pay tribute with an entire month dedicated only for them! Over on appleMusic, you'll find curated playlists full of songs by some incredible performers like Aretha Franklin or Chuck D amongst many others so there will be something perfect no matter what your taste may happen to run away into when it comes time turn up aka enjoy these masterful masters at work live upon stage coasting off their own deep reserves inside each other.

Throughout February, Apple Music will feature curated playlists, essays and original videos from Black influencers including Erykah Badu; musicians like SilkRoad Lloyd who is collaborating with Jaden Smith of the famous family TheSmiths on his debut album project "NEW DREAMSolution" currently set to be released this spring/summer season (2019); authors such as Tavi Gevinson founder & editor-in-chief at Rookie Magzine along side actor Amandla Stenberg who recently starred in Spiderman: Into The computer wIth her co writer Yona Salmon whom you may know better by.

Apple Music commissioned Rob Lewis to create a unique style for their original artwork. The result is an art installation that fuses together the sounds from music with images from cultures around world in one cohesive whole, all while telling different stories through each painting's imagery and story-telling captions.

Apple Maps

The new EatOkra Apple Maps app is a curated guide for discovering delicious Black-owned restaurants in your area. To make it easier to find what you're craving, the company works with local chefs from around New York City and delivers their recommendations straight into customers' hands! In collaboration with this Brooklyn based directory service that specializes on providing foodies an immersive experience through its interactive map interface showcasing all of our city's best eateries--including those owned by black entrepreneurs like yourselves!. The EatOkra platform is a curated map of Black-owned restaurants in your area. With this, you can find delicious food and support local businesses at the same time!

Apple TV App

The Apple TV app is celebrating Black families this month with an Essential Stories theme. The feature will highlight the multidimensional characters and representation of African-Americans on screen, such as in Roots: The adaptation that changed America ( 1977) or Fences ( 2016). The “Essential: Stories That Honor Black Families” collection is an unparalleled resource for viewers looking to explore the diverse experiences of black families in films and TV shows, with curated sets that include motherhood sagas like "12 Years a Slave," father figures on screen including Will Smith's portrayal as Frank Lucas Sr. in "Ali" (2001) or Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character invention Dwayne Wayne;; queer chosen family stories such as Tyler Perry's Madea movies -- all told through cultural references often overlooked by mainstream society.

Do you ever wonder what your family looks like? This latest instalment features original art by Jon Key, whose intimate illustrations depict various interpretations of the often-embarrassing but always endearing moments in life with loved ones. Viewers can also browse through the diverse body of work from artists Darien Birks, Richard Chance and Dani Pendergast with more pieces coming each month.

“The Oprah Conversation” episodes “Caste: Part 1” and "Caste: The Origins Of Our Discontents," from Apple TV+, featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Isabel Wilkerson, will be available for free on the app. In her book Caste - described by one reviewer as having an important message about race relations in America today--Isabel covers topics such slavery to highlight what can happen when people are socially deprived or economically disadvantaged due their skin color; she also talks through how these castes have changed over time."

 The concept that America is built on a caste system has been controversial for decades. Some people think it's an outdated notion, but Wilkerson says he lives every day with the reality of being labeled as "lower" or "upper." The reading group discusses how their personal experiences and stories match up against those inarguably told by master author William Styron. In these episodes we take our seats at this table where black men sit next to white women; poor folks share digs near wealthy ones - all living cheek by jowl while fighting off epithets.

In an interview with Oprah, R&B singer Telle Smith talks about her experience reading "Caste." She discusses how it made her feel empathetic towards others in the book and realises that people from different backgrounds can be connected through their shared experiences. In this passage on “Oprah’s Book Club,” singer Telfa Smith shares what she thought while reading a new novel called 'Caste'. The title itself speaks for itself but throughout our discussion you'll learn more details about why these events have such psychological implications—and all because there are so few stories where we see someone who becomes violently ill due to food poisoning!

Recently, the Apple TV app has been releasing new features to celebrate black families. One such feature is "Essential Stories" where customers can explore movies and television shows that prominently display African American casts or themes in order find what they're looking for from a variety of perspectives!

Apple News

Apple News readers can explore curated topic groups that will highlight the best journalism around race in America. Separately, a special Spotlight collection on black experience will feature audio articles from organizations such as American Public Media and The Root focusing specifically on this issue with voices rarely heard elsewhere due to their level or prominence within society - until now! The Racial Justice Spotlight is an ongoing collection of articles that dive into the topic of racism. Topics include education on anti-racism, mental health resources and ideas to serve your community better!

Apple News is launching a new feature that will allow users to subscribe and read articles about race in America. The service, called "America," showcases curated topic groups for each article featured on Apple News with topics including Civil Rights Movement through Black Power where one can learn more from notable historical figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks or Malcolm X among others- all while listening to their stories being told by audio journalists who have been given exclusive access into these important events happening around us today!

Apple Books

A new collection on Apple Books will highlight great books and audiobooks by Black authors across a variety of genres, including historical fiction for adults as well as children's literature. Apple Books is planning a couple of features for their ebook readers. They will highlight new authors, such as Jordan Ifueko and Robert Jones Jr., who released books this year along with celebrated audiobook narrators like Adjoa Andoh or Bahni Turpin that have been in the industry longer than most people listening to them on an app!

A lot has happened since we last heard from Apple about its plans regarding ebooks – it seems they're not giving up just yet because there's one more thing coming your way: "Spotlight Series. Apple Books is a great place to find new authors and books you might not otherwise hear about. You can also make recommendations based on your reading preferences, like I did when my friend recommended "The Nightingale" by Kristin Hannah after we both read it this year!

Apple Podcasts

The Apple Podcasts app has been updated to offer a wide variety of shows from powerful Black voices including Michelle Obama, Joe Budden and Phoebe Robinson. The selection also includes collections by creators around the world offering thoughtful interpretations on what it means be black in modern society while featuring perspectives that have not traditionally come out into popular culture before now with Baratunde Thurston hosting "Seizing Freedom."

The new update enhances content offered through two channels dedicated exclusively for this demographic group: VPM's one-hour documentary exposing America's dark past at slavery which airs every Sunday night starting January 14th; as well another episode available indefinitely after its initial debut run--"What You Need To Know Before. In the days following President Abraham Lincoln's assassination, five southern states joined forces to restore their former independence as a separate nation.

The events that transpired during this time period are often overlooked or forgotten about in our modern world where justice prevails more easily than it did then due political and social turmoil between North & South America over slavery itself-a practice many Americans found morally reprehensible yet necessary at one point (and still do today).

Apple Podcasts has a wide range of podcasts that are all worth checking out, including “Seizing Freedom” from VPM. Hosted by author and historian Kidada E. Williams with artwork by L.A Inkedwell comes on every week to discuss news in Black culture through art!

Apple Watch

Apple has introduced the Black Unity Collection, a celebration and acknowledgement of black history that will be available for purchase exclusively on their website. Apple Watch Series 6, which was launched at a high price point of $750 for the Configuration San Francisco Edition. The Apple Watch's latest model features an all-new design with double-sided ceramic 2 mm thick face plate that does not crack or shatter like its predecessors; it also has improved graphics rendering capabilities thanks to Glance 3D animation on Notification Center when receiving emails and text messages from friends as well as caller ID information displayed while making phone calls by pressing up against your wrist! You can now stream music directly through iCloud without connecting another device so long as you have internet access - even if there isn't any cell service available yet where you are traveling because this new feature doesn’t require cellular data access unlike Bluetooth headphones do.

Apple is not only making a conscious effort to make sure that their products are inclusive but also donating some of their proceeds from the sale of these items. Six global organizations will benefit, including Black Lives Matter Support Fund through Tides Foundation; European Network Against Racism ; International Institute on Race Equality Human Rights Leadership Conference Education fund NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc.

Apple launches a new limited-edition Apple Watch series and watch face to celebrate black culture. The collection's designs have been tailored for those who identify as being from the African diaspora, including people from West Africa or America’s south coast where many blacks settled after slavery ended in addition some other countries such as Jamaica. The new watches aim at honoring all these various identities while also paying homage.

The Black creative community and allies throughout Apple came together to design an Apple Watch band in order to honor the ongoing fight for racial justice. The inspiration behind this comes from both historic movements as well as current ones, which has led them choose "Truth Power Solidarity" laser engraved onto one side of their stainless steel fastening pins on these new products!

The Black Unity Collection pays homage to the rich tradition and craft of quilting in the African American community, which has been used as a form for social justice. The collection celebrates colors from across Africa - red representing blood that was shed during liberation while black unites people under its banner; green signifies natural treasures like vegetation or animals native only there- brightening our lives by providing us with foodstuffs such meat on savannahs alive today because farmers didn't want them dead when they could be useful commodities later too!

The Black Unity Sports Band is made from individual pieces of coloured fluoro elastomer, which are assembled by hand and compression-moulded into one. The watch face displays an ever changing pattern that dynamically shifts as Apple Watch moves to create a unique look for every person who wears it!

If you are looking for an innovative way to get fit, Apple has launched a new Unity Activity Challenge. You can participate in this competition and earn the limited edition award by closing your Move ring seven days straight during February! This is sure beat running on our treadmill at home or working out with weights--I know which one fills up faster than expected.

Apple announced that their new watch, the Series 6 Black Unity will be available starting on February 1st. This timepiece has all of your favorite features from previous models in one sleek design with an updated interface to make it easier than ever before! The release date for this fantastic piece is coming up quickly so don't miss out by preordering online today or at any Apple store near you - just lookout if there are any other colors because we're guessing they won’t be too popular.

Apple Watch users can participate in a new Unity Activity Challenge and earn the limited-edition award by closing their Move ring seven days in a row during February. The winner will be chosen at random from all participants who complete this task, so get moving!

You do not have to purchase the Black Unity Apple Watch to get this popular strap.  Grab WristWatchstraps.co and get  Black Unity Strap here

Apple Fitness+

Black history will be celebrated with an abundance of workouts this month. Apple Fitness+ subscribers can enjoy themed sessions that feature all Black artists across different types of exercise, including cycling or yoga for those who don't want to get their sweat on outside! Trainers are also planning exclusive in-depth trainings each day during Black History Month dedicated specifically around these topics - come find out what they're up too at your local gym!

Today at Apple

World-renowned design group, It’s Nice That will be hosting the annual New World event at Apple. The program is dedicated to exploring how creativity can bring about positive change in society through workshops and tutorials on digital media tools like Photoshop or Illustrator that are available for anyone with an internet connection! This February, join us for Black History Month at Artspace. We'll have a curated series of sessions led by creatives who will discuss their creative practices and how they get inspiration as well as demonstrate a specific skill or technique!

In celebration during the month long event from FEB 9th- MAR 2nd artspace presents an exciting array events including artist talks on Tuesday evenings educational workshops Thursday mornings dance performances Saturday afternoons art classes.Sessions include an inspirational typographer, creative director and photographer who has his own art school called Josh Kessi Photography. Plus there's a renowned filmmaker in residence for those whose work includes moving images or any other expressive medium!
The New World is always inviting new members so come by this session if you want to share your story with others while getting inspired at the same time -- everyone can sign up on apple.co/newworld."

Shot on iPhone

Apple has released a new campaign called “Hometown,” which highlights the work of more than 30 black photographers. The goal behind this project is to show off diversity in photography and promote artistic expression through various mediums like art or fashion. A recent update from Apple's Shot on iPhone series features commissioned photos shot by Black creatives around America.

From the comfort of their home, these photographers were able to explore America and capture inspiring images that would bring joy for years. They traveled through many different towns across our great country like New York City or Los Angeles capturing those special moments we all take for granted until they're gone forever - because who wants a boring old photo from just anywhere?

For many, Black History Month is about the tricentennial of America’s freedom and opportunity. But for some it can be an uncomfortable reminder that they still don't see themselves represented in society or government despite how much progress has been made over time with civil rights movements like Martin Luther King Jr.'s I Have A Dream speech which happened 50 years ago on January 18th this year!

This past month Apple announced their new REJI initiative - a set of major projects worth up 100 million dollars funded by CEO Tim Cook himself who says "We must do more together" while also mentioning racial equity among other things including marriage equality.

The Black Unity Collection will be available online and in store from Apple, beginning Monday February 1st. The new range of products will include a 39-piece kit for those who want to style their own afro with bobby pins or clips as well as an adjustable headband which you can slip on after washing your hair! You'll also find hats, scarves and gloves that are perfect if it's cold outside but not too much so they don't compromise your look either way - just make sure to check back often because we're constantly adding more items every week including shoes this time around.

The limited-edition Apple Watch Series 6 Black Unity will be available for the month of February, with a special black strap that can also work as an everyday band. It has all sorts of features to help you stay active and healthy including fitness tracking plus countdown timers so your workouts don't get forgotten about in between! Get ready at any time thanks to this sleek new wearable device from Apple.

The upcoming update for WatchOS 7 will add the Unity Watch Face, which requires an iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14.4 and is set to be released later today! The Black History Month collections and content across Apple services will be available starting February 1. The app, website or feature made by Apple in honor of black history month is launching on this day! This is how Apple gave his contribution in The Black History Month.


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