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Few cool things to try with Wear OS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Few cool things to try with Wear OS on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Samsung and Google have worked together to push mobile technology forward across smartphones, tablets as well as foldable. The partnership between these two companies is strong because they both want what's best for users--a challenge can often make things more interesting! Now that we're ready take our collaboration even further with smartwatches (here’s looking at you Moto Watch), I'm excited by the possibilities this Partnership could bring us all in years ahead.

The future of wearables has arrived and it’s got a heart rate monitor! Samsung  announced its new Galaxy Watch4, which will be available in stores soon. This smartwatch runs on our unified platform - the first device to do so for watches or other devices that you might wear around your wrist (or otherwise). The innovative design includes all features from both Android Wearable OS versions as well iOS apps like Google Maps navigation seamlessly integrated into one interface so there's no need go back between screens when checking directions.

We’re taking what we've learned from Wear OS and Tizen to jointly build a smartwatch that is more tailored for users. The Galaxy Watch4 features an easy set up, 40 hour battery life with optimized performance so you can spend less time charging it every day as well as access to over 100 different apps available through the Samsung ecosystem including Spotify Music Beta!

Google is all about creating an experience that's easy and intuitive. That means they want to make it as simple for you, their customers/users-to use the products in whatever way works best! With Wear OS there are more ways than ever before so google doesn't have just one app on your wrist at any given time (which would be pretty boring). You can customize everything from graphics down through individual tiles within each respective application--changing things up every single day if needed without having install new software onto our devices because this system ensures updates come automatically via Bluetooth Low Energy. There are also new apps and Tiles coming to Wear OS for quicker access to your favorites. Let’s get into the details:

Navigate with Google Maps on your wrist

Google's Wear OS maps app is the perfect way to navigate your day without having any trouble using navigation. You'll be able get from point A (the starting location) all of the way through Z (ending destination), thanks in large part due this innovative technology that syncs with Google Maps on phones as well! In addition not only does it show you where home and work addresses have been added but recent searches too so navigating can become easier than ever before-especially if we're talking driving or cycling."

Stay connected with Messages by Google

Google is updating their app, so you can get messages on the go and easily reply with ease. The new update will sync your conversations between both devices--so no need to worry about losing anything important! You’ll also be able send people in supported countries straight from your wrist if they don't have this already installed too; but for everyone else around world who wants access- well sorry guys because it sounds like we're coming out ahead here…unless of course someone has finally come up Developed some kind of magical tech that lets us communicate without phones or watches.

Pay in more countries with Google Pay

Easy contactless payment from your wrist has always been a part of Wear OS. We’re now expanding support for Google Pay to 16 new countries including Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates, with more to come. You’ll also see the app’s revamped design so credit cards stored in your wallet are larger and easier to swipe through. 

To use Google Pay on your Galaxy Watch4, download the app in either Apple App Store or Android Marketplace. Once it’s added to one of these platforms you'll be able see them alongside all other apps installed onto your device!

Download and listen to your favorite tunes with YouTube Music

YouTube Music Premium subscribers will enjoy access to more than 80 million songs and thousands of playlists on the new YouTube Music app on Wear OS. This standalone app is the first smartwatch app from YouTube Music that allows YouTube Music Premium subscribers to download music for ad-free offline listening, even without your phone nearby. The app also comes with the Smart Downloads feature, which refreshes the songs you’ve downloaded to your watch whenever it’s charging and connected to WiFi. You can even use tailored playlists for the perfect soundtrack, whatever you’re doing.

YouTube Music will be available for download to your Galaxy Watch4 from Google Play.

Discover new Google Play apps and Tiles

At Google I/O, they shared that they been working with developers to bring richer, immersive apps to Wear OS. They also made updates to Google Play for Wear OS so it’s easier to discover and download apps. Now they are introducing new experiences from your favorite apps to your smartwatch, including Calm, Komoot, MyFitnessPal, Period Tracker, Sleep Cycle, Spotify, Strava and many more.

Many of these apps will also launch new third-party Tiles, so there’s a quick way to access the information and actions you care about most.




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