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Great Apps for Apple CarPlay

Great Apps for Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is the newest technology that allows you to connect your iPhone to your car. You can use Siri, voice commands or touch-screen gestures to control the apps on your phone without taking it out of its case. This article will explore nine great Apple CarPlay Apps for iPhone so you can get more out of this amazing new technology.

If you have a compatible car or stereo unit, Apple CarPlay makes it easy to navigate and respond while on the road. And with apps like that installed on your iPhone for ultimate ease of use in any circumstance--even if there's only space enough inside one screen!

If you own an automobile equipped with all software needed by means of Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity (called "Carplay"), then navigating via voice commands will become much easier when driving through busy traffic; messaging relatives back home about plans this weekend without having reach across someone else’s seatbelt buckle is also simple: just tap away at those virtual keyboard keys instead.

Let's take a look at some of the best Apple CarPlay apps worth using.

A Note on Available Carplay Apps

Luckily for you though, there's now an easy way to get around this problem! The new Google Maps update finally brings compatibility with CarPlay. So if driving and navigation are important parts of your life - or just want access while on-the go - then download it now from the App Store before someone else does first. Knowledge is power and this article will give you the tools to utilize your car's built-in CarPlay apps. We'll explore some of our favorite third party iOS applications, but if there are other navigation or audio services available on the market don't fret because they're almost certainly mirrored by Apple themselves!

Have you ever wanted to add apps like Maps and Spotify onto your car's display? Don't worry, it is very easy. Simply install the app on any iPhone running iOS 12 or later (and verify its compatibility) then open up CarPlay when prompted by Apple during setup- if all goes well there will be an option for adding these desired features right away! You might be wondering how to add apps for CarPlay, but there is no special process. Simply install the app on your iPhone as normal and then open it once when setting up Carplay in order view any initial setup information or tutorials if provided by those particular developers/app stores that offer this feature on their own websites!

The Best Built-In Apple CarPlay Apps

First, let's look at the most useful apps included on your iPhone that work with CarPlay.

Siri has access to features like the Clock, Reminders and other apps. You won't see CarPlay icons for them but you can use commands like "Add paper towels" or set an alarm at 7am tomorrow."

 Apple Maps

If you don't prefer another navigation app (see below), Apple Maps works great with CarPlay.

Upon opening it, you'll see an overview of your location. Hit the Destinations link and Maps will suggest places based on what type or amount of messaging that has taken place recently with friends in close proximity to one another; if not already set as a destination by someone else (based off previous communication), then use Search function for fast find gas stations food etcetera!

To navigate with Siri, just use your voice. If you have a microphone button on the steering wheel or tap into Microphone icon in settings and then speak clearly: "Hey Siri."


The Phone app has a new integration with CarPlay that lets you make and receive calls in your car. Opening the application will cause it to load up, where after users can view their contacts list or review recent conversations they've had while driving around town - all through this interface!

As much as we love to be on the road and not worry about our phones, there are some times when a hands-free approach is necessary or convenient. So while driving you can say "Call Sarah Smith" using Siri integration into your vehicle's builtin microphone near your driver’s seat!


The messages app is a safe place to converse while in the car. Tap on any conversation, and it will read aloud anything that has been written since your last update! If you need some time out of voice mode for whatever reason (maybe because there's something frustratingly good going down), just dictate new posts with this handy tool at hand.

Did you know that there is an app for checking your text messages without opening the message? This way, if I'm running late or need to quickly check something it'll be right at my fingertips.

Apple Music

Whether you're in a car or on your way to work, the right music can enhance your mood and make driving more enjoyable. If you subscribe to Apple Music through CarPlay use their entire catalog of songs with this app! Of course if that isn't an option for whatever reason there are plenty other options including those purchased at iTunes store--which offers over 30 million tracks.

Open the app and scroll through your library to find all of the music that you have ever wanted. It's easy enough for anyone, even those who can't speak or read well enough in English! If a user is feeling particularly adventurous they could try asking Siri something like "play me some John Denver" - she'll get right on it (pun intended)!


Music is great, but if you're looking for a more listening-friendly experience while commuting or running errands then try podcasts. The Podcasts app on your iPhone has all of the shows that aren't otherwise available in Apple Music and other streaming services like Spotify!

Siri can also help with commands like "Play the Really Useful Podcast" or "Skip ahead one minute." And she won't get bored and start listening to other podcasts!

The Best Third-Party Apple CarPlay Apps

Even though the iPhone comes pre-installed with several third-party apps, it's not all limited to CarPlay. There really isn't much choice when looking for an app that will work on Apple’s system and also have Siri enabled as well but most do provide this option so drivers can use their voice commands through hands free operation of phone features or even just listen in while driving without taking any real responsibility themselves if something were happen unexpectedly.

The CarPlay home screen has icons for any apps that are compatible with this service. In addition, it also enables users to access their cars' features through supported manufacturer's applications while they remain in the vehicle and not just on an external monitor or phone display as before!

When in CarPlay, you'll also see an app with the name of your car make. Tap this to return back stock infotainment system.


Starting in iOS 12, Apple opened up third-party navigation apps for use with CarPlay. While Google Maps is also available and Waze has been more distinct since its beginning because of this feature that allows drivers to share their experiences on the road--making it easier than ever before!

Waze has been a favorite among car enthusiasts and drivers alike for years. The app not only alerts you to nearby speed traps, construction zones or obstacles on the road but also provides accurate info about how long it would take before reaching your destination based off various routes! You won't regret downloading this one bit when looking at other alternatives like Apple Maps.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is the best app for listening to your favorite music station in a car. You can find local FM and AM stations, as well as podcasts from all around the world on TuneIn! Tune into what's playing now or discover something new with this free application available on CarPlay - just tap an icon when you're ready.

With the use of this app you can browse over 100,000 radio stations from all around world and even save your favorite ones on to listen later. You'll also be able easy access when driving so no need for music interruption!

Download: TuneIn Radio (Free, subscription available).


There's a ton of variety in audiobooks, and Amazon has made it super easy to get your favorite book on tape. You can subscribe or buy individual copies if you're looking for more savings but don't want the monthly fee that goes along with either option!

The CarPlay app will allow you to play any downloaded audiobooks, so make sure that they are saved offline while on a Wi-Fi connection. Check out our top Audible tips for more from this great service!

Download: Audible (Free, subscription available)


WhatsApp is one of the few third-party messaging apps available in CarPlay (Telegram also). When you open it, you can choose to hear unread messages read aloud or dictate a new message.

The familiar Siri and Google Assistant are here, so you can have your phone read incoming messages or respond with a voice command. With the app installed on CarPlay though there will be more notifications than before because it's now acting as another screen for these two apps!


If you don't use Apple Music, chances are that like many of us who have Spotify as our go-to music app for streaming. With CarPlay integration it's easy to browse through your saved playlists and start playing any album or genre with just a few presses on Siri.

Spotify also hosts podcasts, so you can manage a lot of audio entertainment in one app. Remember that you'll need Spotify Premium to listen ad-free, save music offline, and disable shuffle mode.


The MLB app is a great way to keep up with the league while on your phone. With CarPlay, you can listen in on game audio and even watch condensed games if that's what interests you!

The latest edition of Major League Baseball comes alive through their new mobile application available for download right now - but only inside Apple devices like iPhones or iPads running iOS 12 software-version 5+. This will enable users who are stuck at work during office hours when there isn't much else going down (like me) as well those night owls out there looking for some baseball entertainment after hours from where ever they happen.

Using the free version, you can still check out the game of the day, but can't listen to it with CarPlay.

More Apple CarPlay Apps to Try

As mentioned earlier, many of the other best apps for CarPlay are quite similar to the above. To avoid covering them all in detail, here are a few others you may be interested in:

  • Overcast: Popular podcast manager with plenty of features.
  • Pandora: The best-known internet radio service that lets you create personalized stations for anything.
  • Tidal: If you don't use any other music apps, maybe this hi-fi music service that promises better sound than the competition will appeal to you. Requires a subscription after a free trial.
  • NPR One: Catch up on the latest news and talk shows from your local public radio.
  • iHeartRadio: Similar to TuneIn, this app lets you listen to radio stations from around the US.
  • Audio Books & Novels: Want to listen to an audiobook on your next trip without paying for Audible or buying one from Apple Books? This app provides many audiobooks at no cost.
  • SpotHero: Lets you book parking in advance in major cities around the US.
  • PlugShar‪e‬: This is a must-have app for electric vehicle owners; it allows you to easily locate charging stations for your vehicle.
  • Dunkin': If you're a big fan of the coffee chain, you can use the CarPlay app to easily place an order for your favorite items.

Get More From Your Car With Apple CarPlay Apps

The CarPlay is a great way to use your phone while driving. As we've seen, only some apps work with it but there are plenty that you can find and enjoy such as listening music or podcasts sending messages by voice navigation around the car interface.

The future is now for car fans! With Apple's new update, it'll be easier than ever to use your phone while driving. And if you don't want the distraction of apps like Facebook and Twitter on distracting screens in front or behind dashboard? There are plenty more ways that can help make navigation faster with just one tap- including using native features built into some vehicles themselves as well other proven alternative tools such at Waze (a Maps Killer).



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