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Huawei Watch 3 Review: A Sleek and Stylish Smartwatch

Huawei Watch 3 Review: A Sleek and Stylish Smartwatch

The Huawei Watch 3 was released not too long ago, and it has been making a lot of waves in the smartwatch industry. This is because it is one of the sleekest and most stylish smartwatches on the market right now. It also offers some great features that make it a desirable purchase for many people. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Huawei Watch 3 and see what makes it so special.

When I first got the Huawei Watch 3, it was love at first sight. The watch has everything that an Android user could want: pre-installed HarmonyOS and durable battery life to match your active lifestyle; novel temperature sensor for all those yoga sessions or runs through NorCal's suffocating summer heatwave (you know what they say about July); excellent variety of exercise modes including swimming workouts with its waterproof design!


The Watch 3 is a sleek device that can be worn undetected by teachers, nurses or any other professional who needs to keep their hands free. It weighs less than most wristwatches on the market today at only 54 grams and measures 46 x 12 mm from end-to-end which makes it easy for people with smaller frames like myself not have trouble wearing them all day long! However this also means there’s no getting away without taking your watch off every now again because inevitably you'll find yourself resting against something else while waiting in line.

Huawei’s AMOLED display is perfect for viewing in bright sunlight. It can withstand water up to 50 meters deep and has a silicon strap that makes it easy-to carry around, even on your wrist! The stainless steel frame combined with the ceramic back make this phone durable enough so you don't need worry about breaking anything when taking photos or videos outside of course there will be some Rules but nothing too terrible like letting rain penetrate by accident.

Battery Life

On top of the advertised three-day battery life on smart mode, where there is an LTE and Bluetooth connection with mobile phones every day, heart rate monitoring, and HUAWEI TruSleep enabled for sleeping at night and daily tasks with the smartwatch with screen display on 200 times a day, despite the LTE connection my smartwatch survived for 4 days. That was a pleasant surprise! Alternatively, there is a two-week battery saving mode that eases the hassle of having it charged constantly.


HarmonyOS offers a much larger storage for its own app gallery. There are many interesting apps such as air quality stats, translation and radio that provide all the essential information needed without any hassle to use them thanks again in part from having been installed on your phone or tablet via Huawei's App Store Foundation Program which only allows certain faces available but still manages these well enough so you don't get bored quickly!

Setting up the watch initially was a bit of a pain. I had to restart three times before I could successfully pair with my iOS phone. Eventually I managed, but some of the updates were not clear, such as the weather notification which required my location enablement, which was not very intuitive as a first-time user. Though after setting up it has been one of my favourite functions, especially living in the USA. It shows the weather for the coming 24 hours, and a weekly forecast and humidity, wind velocity, and sunset time. As the Huawei App Gallery is rather new, some of the icons do not immediately register to my mind as to what they represent, such as the app gallery icon itself, unlike Apple’s app icon which I am most familiar with. Though, this will only get easier as I become a more frequent user of the product.

The Huawei Watch 3 is more than just a pretty face; it has all the features you would expect from an advanced wrist-mounted computer. In addition, there's one more thing that makes this watch stand out: its compatibility with Android and iPhones alike! You can use your smart phone as well if desired (though some functions may vary depending on what operating system installed).

The eSIM function that enables 4G support allows mobile calls and data and online music streaming. Huawei’s navigation solution, Petal Maps, which substitutes Google Maps for map browsing navigation, should pique the interest of new smartwatch users, will be launched supposedly in July. Vodafone is the only carrier that allows a switch to LTE connection, but Huawei expects local carriers to expand in the future.

There has been a software system update since I have started testing it, and it has been nothing but positive user experience. Though not much noticeable difference, the overall user experience has been optimal.


With the addition of a novel skin temperature sensor and SpO2 monitor, Huawei has taken heart rate monitoring to new heights. The TruSeen 4.5 optical sensors are more accurate than any watch in their line up while also coming equipped with all sorts other features that make them ideal for athletes or people who want optimal health care throughout every stage!

The Huawei TruSeen 4.5 has shown improvements compared to its predecessors in terms of accuracy and consistency, which could be significant for the purpose fitness tracking. The 7% difference between highest heart rate measured is an interesting finding as it would allow people who are looking at monitoring their own performance or making adjustments based on what they've found thus far about themselves through other methods such as radar sensors embedded into clothing.

The watch contains over 100 workout modes that not only remind the user to stretch every now and then with a personalized animation, but also detection for when they start working out. In addition it offers an option in which if someone has lost his/her mobile phone during any type of exercise session- he can use this device as well! This makes its usage more versatile than just being able only on weekends or days off work because there are times where even those settings won't do what you need them too; such case would be falling down while running etcetera.

Value for Money

Priced at $475.17 USD with 6 months of free Huawei Music, Huawei sets itself as a mid-tier alternative to the Apple Watch Series 6 ($514.). With its upgraded functionalities, it is worth giving the Huawei Watch 3 a try.

I think the Watch 3 is a statement of how far Huawei has come with its smartwatch category from LiteOS to HarmonyOS, and it is a great value for its price. Not only is it a sophisticated watch, it is also a user-friendly device that accommodates new smartwatch users.

It is clear that Huawei is attempting to expand and excel in its digital ecosystem.




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