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Huawei Watch 3 Review: Size, Features, Display

Huawei Watch 3 Review: Size, Features, Display

It is hard to believe that a company as large and well known as Huawei would be able to surprise us with its new watch, the Huawei Watch 3. The first thing you notice when you look at this watch is that it has a much more elegant design than previous models, sporting an oval-shaped display instead of the traditional square one. It also has some cool features like GPS tracking and music playback via Bluetooth. If you are looking for a stylish yet powerful smartwatch, then the Huawei Watch 3 should be your choice!

In my first impression of the Huawei Watch 3, I was excited by a number of reasons. One reason being that it featured popular pre-installed Harmony OS which is an operating system similar to Google's Android but more customizable in nature with extended capabilities for users who love customization options when it comes down their personal phones or tablets--something called "gradients." Another thing about this watch are its durable battery life and excellent variety if exercise modes including running routes map assistance so you don't have trouble following your favorite tracks while also tracking distances traveled! All these features make up why someone should invest into one themselves without hesitation because they're really worth checking out.


The Watch 3 is 46.2 x 46.2 x 12mm and weighs 54g, but it's not bulky enough to go unnoticed on my wrist so I have to take it off every now and then for my wrist-to- relax thingy (not sure what the technical terms are). This downtime means that data collection isn’t always detected during testing! Huawei's AMOLED display perks up to 1,000 nits which facilitates a viewability under bright sunlight. In addition it can go underwater and never has any issues with being damaged from extreme conditions such as rain or snow because of its silicon strap attachment that is perfect for outdoor activities. The stainless-steel frame, hardened glass front and ceramic back create a classy look that is elegant. The curvy crest on this Curve makes it very comfortable to swipe around with your fingers while not in use or when you are reading about how good these watch can do!

Battery Life

On top of the advertised three-day battery life on smart mode, where there is an LTE and Bluetooth connection with mobile phones every day. heart rate monitoring for accurate workouts in training or competition modes; HUAWEI TruSleep enabled so you can sleep at night without worries about forgetting your charge! Additionally to this I got 4 days out if it before running low which was unexpected but pleasant surprise nonetheless

The watch also features two week long saving batteries that ease any hassle when needing constant recharging like during my daily tasks such as walking around town while catching up with friends.


The long-awaited HarmonyOS certainly does not disappoint. It has a much larger storage of 16GB for its own Huawei App Gallery, with many interesting apps such as air quality stats and translation that can be accessed straight away from your wrist if you have downloaded them onto the watch face itself or via downloading an app directly onto Android devices. The radio station is also available on here which gives users more choice in what kind of music they want to hear while cycling around town!

Setting up the watch initially was a bit of an exercise in frustration. I had to restart it three times before my phone re-connected and then some updates were unclear, such as when they tried telling me about weather conditions near my location without knowing if this is something that will interest me or not (and since there's no button for "no thanks," forget trying). The worst part? Once everything finally went through properly though - even with all those errors!--you still couldn't tell what time zone your device was set.

I love this app! It's one of my favorite functions and I can't believe how accurate it has been in predicting weather for the coming 24 hours. There is also a weekly forecast with info on humidity, wind velocity, sunset time - all things that matter when you're out there exploring or camping without power from nature herself because she needs some rest too after providing us humans our yearly bounty--so please let me know if any other cool features come along soon enough. 

I became quickly acquainted with the app gallery as soon as I started using it, even though there are some icons that don't immediately register like themselves. As more time goes on and they become familiarized in my mind then these minor inconveniences will resolve themselves. I felt rather at ease while browsing through all of those apps because nothing about them seemed foreign or unfamiliar to me; plus knowing Apple's iconic apple logo adds an extra layer which makes everything feel deeply ingrained into our daily lives already!

The Huawei Watch 3 is a great fitness tracker that not only tracks your steps and calories burned, but also has an app to download for iPhone or Android users. If you're looking to upload music onto the smartwatch from iTunes Library then this isn't possible with iOS devices due its limited functionality in comparison with other operating systems like watchOS or Google platform linked by Bluetooth connection (for example Spotify).

4G support allows mobile calls and data, online music streaming. The eSIM function that enables this is a great feature for those who want to use their smartwatch as a phone-replacement in today’s world where we all carry around our phones everywhere we go! Huawei's navigation solution should pique the interest of new users because it substitutes Google Maps with map browsing capabilities on its own watch software so you don't have both devices out at once searching up info nearby when there could just be one device doing everything from dialing numbers down load apps etc. Huawei is fully aware that Vodafone offers the only LTE carrier, but they expect more local carriers to offer this service in future.

I have been testing the software for a while now, and I've noticed that there has recently been an update. The new features are all great! Though not much can be seen in terms of difference just yet, these improvements feel like they will result in better user experience over time as everything is optimized together .


The Huawei watches are well-known for their heart rate monitors, but this one is different. It has an optical sensor that measures your pupillary reflex to provide more accurate readings than before! I rode my bike with both of these devices on me at the same time and found out what all those numbers mean when you're sweating heavily or in cold weather like today - they don't always match up perfectly due to variations in skin temperature (which can be bad!) This product should make it easier if people want even better accuracy without paying over $300-$500 USD per device though; maybe we'll see them hit stores soon?

The Huawei TruSeen 4.5 heart rate monitor has shown significant improvements over the previous models, with a 7% higher maximum reading that could be important for fitness tracking purposes. The sensor hasn't had any regulatory approval yet but it's proven its worth in research studies at prestigious universities like Stanford University and King’s College London. The measured highest HR of these watches fell within 1 BPM range so users are free to wear them while working out or traveling abroad without worrying about getting inaccurate results based on different rhythms.

The watch contains over 100 workout modes that not only remind the user to stretch every now and then with a personalized animation, but also detect whether they have started an exercise session. If it's been more than three days since you've worked out or are just getting back into things after being away for awhile this nifty little gadget will help keep track of how long your workouts last so there isn't any confusion about what should happen next! 

To stay safe and healthy, the intelligent ring can be triggered by movement. This makes it a great accessory for those who may not always have access to their phone during emergencies! When activated via Bluetooth connection with your mobile device or smartwatch - which you'll also find easy thanks its intuitive design –the siren will emit instantly whenever there's an unusual activity near one of these mini Smart Alerts sensors. The product comes equipped with fall detection technology so users never need worry about losing contact if they slip on ice outdoors while walking home from work late at night after drinking too much beer (we hope). 

Value for Money

The Huawei Watch 3 is a great option for those who want an affordable, functional smartwatch. It has all the features you need and more so it's worth checking out! It's been a long time since the world has seen such an enterprising and affordable smartwatch. The Watch 3 is not just any old wrist-mounted device, but rather one that takes us on yet another journey in Huawei’s history with phones - this time by way of LiteOS (which was previously known as Emotion UI) layered atop Android itself! Not only can we customize our watch faces through various options; we even get access to all apps via Google Play Store while offline too meaning there really won't be anything holding you back from living life fully when paired up correctly against your personal needs like every other day before did.

Huawei is striving to expand its digital ecosystem. Huawei's new advances in technology have been seen as a threat by some who fear the telecom industry will be compromised due to government surveillance but others see an opportunity for them because of their expertise with 5G networks and AI systems.


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