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Huawei Watch GT Review

Huawei Watch GT Review

Huawei is fast rising in the technology ladder and they obviously have taken a spot in today’s market. Though what the company believes is a gap in the wearables area has led them to create the Watch GT to fill this. It isn’t really a kind of smart watch running the Wear OS from Google, nor is it a fitness tracker or hybrid smartwatch. You could say that it’s in-between the two, and it shows that the company has been working on it for some time to give it all the best features that it needs.

Huawei decided to make use of their own software for its latest device which appears to be just like the Wear OS in an independent product line. They decided to go for this instead of having a Huawei Watch 3 or the like. The Huawei Watch GT comes with a paired software to boost the device’s battery life; and quite surprisingly, it really does work.

So today, we’re going to talk about this Watch GT from Huawei to see if it’s as good as it appears to be, and if it’s something worth investing in. But before anything else, let’s see what other items and accessories are included in the package of this sleek-looking watch.

Huawei Watch GT Review – What’s in the Box?

We got our hands on the stainless steel colored Watch GT that comes with a saddle brown leather silicone strap. It looks really cool and we’re glad we got this specific one. Now back to the package; just like the watch itself, the box is sleek and classy-looking. Huawei opted for a dark theme which gives off a rather high-end vibe.

The top of the box features the name of the company, as well as its logo placed right in the middle. On one of the sides, you’ll find the words Huawei Watch GT written. Basically, there isn’t much to see on the box’s exterior since the company opted for a more clean and minimalist approach.

Once you open the box, you’ll immediately see the watch presented nicely inside. You don’t have to worry about it moving around while in transit since it has its own space to keep it fixed in place. Aside from the watch, other items that are included in the box are the user’s guide, a charging cradle, and a charging cable.

The Review

The exterior of the Huawei Watch GT is clean, simple, but classy. It may appear like some of those heavy design watches but it’s really lightweight and easy to wear. Just like your usual smart watch, the Watch GT doesn’t have any of the heft that you’ll find in the classic watches.

Around the watch’s bezels, you’ll find an index printed in this area, showing the minutes in a total of five-minute increments. It also features an individual line to note each of the minutes there; this also sports the classic triangle along the 12 o’clock positioning. While its bezel does not rotate like the watch from Samsung Galaxy, it is much slimmer when it comes to Huawei’s device. This only means that more of the space in front is used up for the watch’s display.

The underside of the Watch GT has a black plastic body which houses and protects the heart-rate sensor; while the back of the strap is all made of rubber. With its make, it definitely gives you a comfortable feel while keeping things lightweight and easy to wear. The Huawei Watch GT sports two side-mounted buttons located on the right side of its OLED display. Inside the watch, it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100. With all of the Watch GT’s software customizations and hardware, its battery (420 mAh) will be able to run up to a total of 14 days.

This Watch GT has 16MB RAM and 128MB ROM. It has the 4.2 BLE Bluetooth available and it is also water resistant. You’ll be able to go underwater up to a total of 50 meters. For its dimensions, the watch is 46.5 x 10.6 millimeters, and is 46 grams without its strap.

We loved the fact that the company provides all of us with a two-year warranty against faults and defects, plus six months on its battery.

Product Features

Beautiful, Sleek, and Durable

The Huawei Watch GT is designed with a stainless steel shell, ceramic bezel, and DLC coating, allowing it to withstand damages. It measures 10.6 millimeters and features a double crown AMOLED screen that measures 1.39 inches x 454, it’s absolutely sleek and vibrant. The GT is 5ATM waterproof, letting you confidently wear even when swimming.

Real-Time Heart Rate Tracking

Huawei’s TruSeen heart rate tracking technology gives you a more accurate and efficient heart rate by simply utilizing innovative sensors and a self-learning algorithm.

Smart Scientific Coaching

This watch’s Stay Fit feature offers coaching in basic to advanced running courses to aid you in real-time. This also guides, trains, and gives you feedback in time-movement effect.

Three Satellites in One Precise Location

Modern GPS supports three satellite positioning system (GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS) worldwide to offer more accuracy, speed, and precision in positioning.

Ready to Make Anything Possible

The Huawei Watch GT offers multiple sports modes whether you workout indoors or outdoors. Modes for training activities are also present.

Accurate Sleep Statistics

A collaborative study with Harvard Medical School CDB Centre produced the TruSleep 2.0, a smart sleep tracking program for every sleep cycle. This technology helps identify common sleeping conditions and offers 200 or more possible suggestions that will help solve your issues.

Smart Notifications

Aside from being the ideal device for tracking your sedentary status, counting steps, and your peak intense activities, the Huawei Watch GT allows you to receive notifications. With this, you won’t miss out your important messages, alarms, phone calls, and other reminders.

Lite OS

Unlike other smart watches, Huawei’s Watch GT does not operate with Google’s Wear OS. Instead, it uses the Lite OS which is Huawei’s own operating system. The way it works and its interface is similar to the Wear OS. Swiping up goes to notifications and down is for quick access. Swiping left or right lets you see data panels with weather, fitness, and heart rate information.

The Lite OS also has a raise to view feature which works very well when the operating system is up to date. You may also press on one of the two buttons on the watch’s side. The upper button opens the menu while the lower button is a quick access to the fitness center. For the notifications, you can simply choose the apps you want to be included.

The activity or fitness center offers a lot of modes such as for swimming, cycling, and running. For other activities, a basic heart rate mode is present.

As you run the Lite OS, you will have access to various screens that display run stats such as distance, pace, cadence, heart rate, and height climbed. It will also show your performance rate. Huawei’s Watch GT l the things you need for working out since it tracks all the necessary data which ends up in the Huawei’s Health App. Everything you need for working out is in this smart watch and if you’re a beginner and want to run without using a phone.

For every workout, you also get maps and graphs. You can check these further using your phone and holding it landscape-wise, then pinch to zoom into the data.

Central App: Workouts

Workouts, the central app used on the Huawei Watch GT, provides most of the tracking capabilities which aren’t in the heart rate monitoring and normal step tracking. You can also use the app to easily set ip moes such as Indoor & Outdoor Run, Open Water, Pool Swim, and more.

The watch also comes with GPS onboard, which connects really fast. While working out with the Watch GT, the app is really intuitive and easy to use since it clearly displays your stats.


14 days for typical use. (The typical usage scenarios are decided based on the user habits. The specific battery life depends on the user habits and usage frequency.)

Using the Product

As sports and physical activity goes, the Huawei Watch GT surprisingly delivers great performance. Its integrated GPS allows you to go for a long run without having to carry your phone around with you. All the records from the activities monitored will go to your phone and you don’t have to be concerned about the distance. For maps, you can simply use your watch to see your route. Just like its competitors, the Huawei Watch GT tracks a variety of activities such as your pace and steps when walking, as well as your heart rate.

What’s actually interesting about this smartwatch is how it’s built, as well as its interface since it’s able to display all the monitored details. Another thing we liked is that it’s really easy to use. For instance, we got everything we needed in one screen when we tried using the watch during a running session. Even if it was displaying a lot of details on the screen, it didn’t look cramped; in fact, it was really easy to read every single data even while we tried to keep focused on training and working out.

Aside from displaying your current pace, total time, and distance, the watch features an arc across the top of the screen which has five heart rate zones, as well as an arrow that points clearly at which heart rate zone you’re currently in. With that, swiping to another screen for additional data won’t be needed.

Once we finished an activity, all the data from the watch synced with the Huawei Health app in our phones. This was where we saw a more detailed breakdown of the results. This includes the map route, elevation graphs, pace, average heart rate, and our overall fitness level. The GPS of the Huawei Watch GT also syncs and connects easily and instantly, which was really surprising. This allows users to press the button and take off by immediately running or cycling.

Let’s talk about the accuracy of the Huawei Watch GT. First, we tried using its heart rate tracker and measured BPMs, high & low, and the chest strap. We were surprised to see that GPS coordinates and distance calculations were all accurate since the watch features sensors in side it. Another thing we appreciate is that it can track a variety of activities.

Overall, we really liked the Huawei Watch GT. The speed of the device really impressed us. Even though its software doesn’t have the fancy features, it’s an excellent device for workouts and tracking activities. Everything in the Huawei Watch GT gets the job done since it’s not only fast, but it also gives accurate monitoring results.

The Huawei Watch GT does not only have great physical features, but it also has an impressive OLED display. We think that it’s the ideal workout partner since it virtually tracks your activities.

What makes the Huawei Watch GT a great wearable device is its solid design, its battery life is enough to do a variety of tasks. It really amazes us since the OLED screen is bold and bright which we didn’t really expect that the watch’s battery to last long. With that, we think it’s a great wearable device that will be extremely useful for those who regularly go to the gym.

We’re also amazed with the sleep tracking features of the Huawei Watch GT since it allowed us to record everything – light, REM, and deep sleep periods, as well as breathing. The Watch GT is made for those who need a device that focuses mainly on fitness. All of its trackers give accurate results and it offers fast GPS. What’s best about this is that you can use a lot of trackers with just a single device. The fact that the watch looks great is an added bonus.

If you’re looking for the excellent device for fitness, we highly recommend the Huawei Watch GT.




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