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Insider Apple Watch Tips And Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

Insider Apple Watch Tips And Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

Apple Watch is the newest and most innovative product from Apple. You may have heard of it before, or maybe you've even seen someone wearing one! But how much do you really know about this incredible device? In this blog post we're going to go over some tips and tricks that will help enhance your experience with the watch. Read on for insider information that not many people know about!

The Apple Watch was released in 2015, about eight years after the first iPhone. The watch originally had fitness as its design intention and is now an integral part of our lives with more than one hundred million users worldwide. The rise of smartwatches has been slow at best; but this may be changing thanks to recent innovations like Siri for watches (S4W) which enables you make calls directly on your wrist without needing your phone nearby - or Nike+ running app designed specifically so runners can monitor their progress while also tracking distance covered by wearing shoes equipped with sensors.

Six years ago, the Apple Watch was just a concept. It lacked many of its most important features and capabilities today's modern-day users demand from their wrist worn gadgets - but it still managed to amass millions of fans worldwide who couldn't get enough of that sleek look!

There are plenty of hidden features on the Apple Watch that you may not be aware of. Some tricks can make your smartphone more accessible while others simply provide practicality for those who wear their watches during workouts or other active pursuits like running long distances (or Short Press). Check out few cool tips below!

1. Monitor Your Heart Rate

It's easy to get notifications when your heart rate is high or low. The Apple Watch comes with an in-built app that will show you all of the information about what may be going on during this time, like sending alerts if it detects anything wrong. The input provides no new insight into how readers can use their devices more productively but does include some useful instructions for using certain apps; these could potentially help people who are looking up ways around health problems.

2. Find Your iPhone

In this day and age, it's not uncommon to forget where you left your phone. It can feel like a terrifying experience when that happens! Luckily there is an easy way to find out if your lost device is close by: just listen for its "ping." Tap or ring the Apple Watch before doing so in order make sure they hear each other clearly over any background noise because hearing loss may prevent users from finding their own watches even though both devices have been placed near them at times.

3. Track Your Workouts

The Apple Watch is a wearable device that tracks your health and fitness. One method it uses for this, "activity rings," will show you how active each day was with notifications sent automatically when reaching certain levels of activity; there's also the option to set yourself goals or track favorite workouts on this app!

4. Monitor Loud Noises

Thanks to the Apple Watch app, you can now protect your hearing. This highly sensitive device is able send an alert when it detects noise that might be too loud and damaging for people with compromised ears or other injuries related ear damage such as gun shot victims because this will give them time in which escape before further injury occurs!

5. Monitor Hand Washing Time

The past 18-months have made everyone aware of the importance of properly washing their hands. It can be difficult, however, to remember and keep up with a proper schedule for hand sanitizing as often as necessary (20 seconds). The Apple Watch automatically detects when you're doing your rounds by way or showering then later counts down so that these tasks stay on track!

6. Listen to Music

The new Apple Watch is a game changer for people who struggle with their tech. Not only can you use the remote on your wrist to control music, podcasts and more from your phone or laptop but also stream anything that's available in streaming services like Spotify!

7. Call Emergency Services

The Apple Watch is an amazing technological product that lets you take your health monitoring to the next level. It also has features like motion detection, Fall Detection and even emergency assistance for when things go wrong! One thing I love about this wearable device? The fact it doesn't need charging; all of its power comes from built-in Lithium Ion batteries which last up 60 hours on average according to their website before needing recharging themselves (no more cords!).

8. Track Your Menstrual Cycle

The Cycle Tracking app on your Apple Watch provides you with all the information needed to keep track of your menstrual cycle. You can add any symptoms that may happen during a specific time frame, like headaches and cramps - which will be notified by this software when they occur in relation to one another so there are no surprises!

9. Give Yourself an ECG

There are a number of ways an individual can monitor their own heart health. One way is through the use of an electrocardiogram, or ECG for short! The app takes 30 seconds to complete and provides information on how healthy you're really feeling all around so it will be easier than ever before in your life if something does go wrong with this little machine inside yours that beats away at regular intervals without fail each day just waiting attentively upon some event which may never come about because no matter what happens-whether good or bad-,it always stays there patiently awaiting its next assignment.

10. Monitor Blood Oxygen Levels

Your blood oxygen level is the amount of air you can breathe at any given moment. It's not meant to be used as medical advice, but with just 30 seconds and this nifty little app it'll give people an insight into their general wellness! Simply open up "Blood Oxygen" then take your reading - that's all there is too it (unless they want more information on how well regulated or unwell). The user may also make note throughout each day about whether things like exercise affect those readings.

11. Use Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows you to use your phone's fingerprint sensor without having to take out any cards. The feature has been integrated into the Apple Watch and can even be used when wearing clothes with pockets!

12. Safety Features for Senior Relatives

With the Apple Watch, users can use their watches to make sure elderly relatives are safe and healthy. With features like fall detection as well heart rate notifications that alert you when they're away from home or have fallen ill in addition to being able send out location signals so you know where they are at all times- this might just turn into one of those much awaited Christmas presents!

13. Monitor Sleep Time

The Sleep app on the Apple Watch lets you set personalized sleep schedules and goals. You can also use it for bedtime reminders, turn "sleep mode" which mutes notifications so your phone doesn't wake up with incoming alerts or texts in middle of night times when trying to drift off again as well as setting shortcuts that will play soothing music before starting meditation apps - this helps give yourself some relaxation techniques while still being able to enjoy all those electronics have at hand these days!

14. Use a Compass

The compass app is an essential tool for any outdoorsperson. Not only does it allow you to find your bearings, but also how high above sea level you're at! To use the Compass in its simplest form all that needs done on a smartwatch is open up "Compass" then hold down flat with one hand while tapping out another direction; these two actions combined make one complete turn which should yield three numbers appearing inside of little red dots. You can see where north lies by simply looking at those blue dots between 0° and 180° (traditional using left-sideward arc), however if this isn't enough information or accurate enough when hiking through mountains consider buying.

15. Use Siri

Siri can be your virtual assistant on the go. You might think that you're superior to a computer, but even now computers are becoming more accessible thanks in part thanks to voice assistants like Siri or Google Now. For example: You could call out "Hey Siri" when walking into an unknown environment and have it carry out tasks for you automatically without having trespass on someone else’s personal space; if there's no internet connection available at home then simply ask “How old is Earth?” To make sure everything runs smoothly contact its helpful services including reminders which will alert users with notifications every time whatever they set has ended - whether this means making breakfast before work each morning plus reminding yourself how much laundry needs done.

16. Use Maps and Get Notified of Directions

The watch even gives you a little nudge when it's time to turn or change direction, so do not get lost. You'll spend less time being frustrated and more of your journey realize what is happening around!

17. Customize Your Watch Face

The Apple Watch might be the perfect watch for people who are always on-the go. While it can't do everything, this stylish timepiece comes with many features that will keep you entertained and content no matter where life takes them!

18. Set up Apple Watch for Family

The Family Setup feature means that you can get an Apple watch for yourself, even if you don't have an iPhone. Simply link your device with the one from someone else in your family who does- parents or other relatives could create a child's version of this which only lets them text when approved by their parent and has fewer features enabled during school hours to help control how much time they spend on these devices instead!

19. Customize Brightness and Text Size

A little phone on your wrist! How amazing is that? The first thing you might think of, especially if small text and smaller screens are hard for you to manage. But the good news with this watch is there's an option in settings where it lets users change how large they want their messages or notifications displayed--so someone who needs larger print won't have any trouble reading what was sent by mistake because now even those tiny typefaces will be legible enough without having glare from bright lighting sources interrupting visibility as much.

20. Browse Your Photos

With the new Apple Watch, you can favorite photos on your wrist. This means that when scrolling through all of them for a quick pick-me up or just before bedtime to look at what has happened during day time activities with friends around town! You also have access from within the Photos app which is perfect if someone doesn't want their photo seen by everyone but themselves - because then only these selected ones will be accessible via thumbnails instead displaying everyone's' artwork no matter how large it may seem in some cases.

This are the few things that we have for today. There are even more, which we will try to bring up to you in our future post. Meanwhile please share with us, if you can think of something that you enjoy in Apple Watch.


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