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iPad Uses in Australian Primary School to Drive Innovation and Creativity

iPad Uses in Australian Primary School to Drive Innovation and Creativity

In a world where iPads are becoming more and more popular, it is no surprise that they have found their way into Australian primary schools. The iPad has been used to help teach children about the environment, as well as provide a creative outlet for those who need it most. With over 95% of students saying they find school more fun now because of the use of iPads in classrooms, teachers are now able to spend less time teaching from textbooks and more time focusing on creativity with these devices.

Many schools are turning to the iPad for a variety of reasons. One example is Australian primary school, which has seen an increase in creativity and innovation with the use of iPads. This blog post talks about how using iPads can help teachers reach students through their individual needs, as well as ways to improve your own teaching practices with these devices.

Only a few months ago, St Therese Catholic Primary School was at the top of its game when it came to education. The one-to-one iPad initiative had been successful and they were smoothly transitioning students into remote learning for COVID -19 pandemic preparedness reasons (global lockdown). But after 9/11 happened in America, Spain also fell victim too! Luckily there are other schools like this all over Australia who know how important STEM skills really are; so now teachers here will be teaching digital portfolios instead where kids show their work live online every day including edtech guru Ms Swallow herself.

A local school in Sydney's southwestern suburbs has found innovative ways to engage every one of its students during the global pandemic, and beyond. Located deep within an area that is lower socio-economically compared with other areas nearby, this primary education facility built on their existing 1:1 iPad initiative by implementing programs like coding workshops which help children develop hands on skills for future careers where tech will play important roles as well!

St Therese Catholic Primary School turned to the iPad as a way of helping them flourish against all odds. With their diverse student body representing 50 different cultures, three quarters speak English as second language and seventy percent come from non-English speaking households St Teresa's primary has never before faced such significant barriers in education but with this new technology they are able not only educate themselves more effectively than ever before but also create an engaging classroom dynamic where students feel comfortable asking questions without fear that they may be judged because "you don't know." The school was looking for ways how best utilise these devices when it became apparent that many parents were hesitant about handing over control.

All of our students have the right and capacity to learn, no matter what challenges they may be facing," says Michelle McKinnon. The principal for St Therese Catholic Primary School in Sadleir Miller. Struggling with a new language? Struggling through school because you're different from other kids or having trouble fitting into society as an introvert might feel like too much pressure on top of all that’s going wrong already! If any one these sound familiar then we've got just what your looking for: A place where anyone can belong--a community full tumbs who will respect each individual differences while working towards something greater than ourselves.

The iPad is more than just a device, it’s an exploration of what learning space can have. Technology has always been about how we explore and express ourselves in new ways but never like this before with the introduction on I-Pads that gives our students not only freedom to think outside their box without concern for limitations or boundaries -but also allows them design their very own boxes by exploring anything they want while developing skills necessary for success through creativity and innovation.

The future is now. The present, as you know it – gone forever! In its place: a digitalized world where everything we do and say can be recorded for posterity...or worse yet - simply because they want to make sure no one ever forgets anything again (a chilling thought). This has led us down an inevitable path which will soon see humanity merge seamlessly with technology; becoming one big connected family of computers living inside each other’s operating systems like some kinder version of 1984 by George Orwell could come true before our very eyes.

St Therese Catholic Primary School Principal Michelle McKinnon says her top priority is to ensure that all students have access to learning, and the iPad helps make this happen.

Agents of Innovation

McKinnon credits St Therese’s established one-to-one iPad initiative with the school's smooth pivot to remote learning when global COVID -19 pandemic prompted a national lockdown. "When every single school had to shift their teaching methods from in person classes, it gave us an opportunity because we knew that our students would be able work on this curriculum on any device," says McKinnon. The staff at St Theoros were pleased by how seamlessly they could switch over without interruption due its establishment earlier than many other schools around America who are still rebuilding following last year’s devastating outbreak of Influenza A(H1N1).

The students really brought out the best in each other, and even McKinnon was surprised by what they were able to do. “It's hard not be inspired when you see such creativity," he says with a smile on his face before continuing: "In remote settings there is an increased sense that anything can happen because it feels more personal."

Children were encouraged to explore their creativity by being engaged in a self-directed learning program. They selected topics for study from the extensive resources available online, including videos and articles written specifically for kids! The students were able to use Keynote, iMovie and Pages for creating videos that demonstrated their findings on subjects as diverse as the Great Barrier Reef or painter Vincent Van Gogh. They also created stop motion animations about various diseases in horses so they could share them at an event hosted by The University of Sydney's Faculty Club. Aurora Australis Award committee who are looking into ways how we can reduce animal suffering here on Earth.

During lockdown, students used the Seesaw app to create digital portfolios of their schoolwork and share them with teachers. This proved so popular among both kids as well as teachers that it is now standard practice at St Therese!

Agents of Inclusion

Many parents are interested in learning how they can provide a more immersive learning experience for their children. The introduction to this was an orientation program that had never been done remotely before, but it worked out well with the help of our technology team who prepared all students prior and then made sure everything ran smoothly when we entered into full remote mode on September 10th 2021! 

“We know orientation is essential for our littlest learners — and their families — to set them up for a smooth transition from pre-school,” says McKinnon. “Familiarizing school starters with the physical space and meeting their new teachers in advance do a lot towards demystifying an unknown environment on that first day of kindergarten." However it seems like 2020 won't be able provide enough time due preparations before then; there wasn't much opportunity last year either because classes only start two months after summer vacation ends this coming academic year (rather than four).

The COVID-19 restrictions meant that parents were not allowed to attend orientation, so St Therese created the interactive book "Welcome to Kindergarten" in Apple Books. The device combines video tours of all areas with photos and audio messages from teachers who are happy for you to be there - let's take an adventure! It also features augmented reality (AR) images on pages like this one where kids can learn about their new school while exploring different classrooms through digital eyes only they have access too." 

With the “3D Bubble Experience,” incoming students and their families could virtually explore a real kindergarten classroom through AR by opening USDZ files on iPad or iPhone.

The bubble experience is a wonderful way to help children feel more confident and excited for their first day of kindergarten. McKinnon says that "the tactile nature" addresses the needs in this area, which are often overlooked by other activities or programs.  “It is a fantastic way to get an idea of what your child will experience in the classroom. It allows students and parents alike explore real classrooms on their own time, without being entirely distracted by other things going on around them or having any fear that they might be disrupting someone else's lesson." The new book is a special treat for students and their families before the start of school. It's great that they can revisit it as needed, in preparation!

Agents of Equity

The students who previously hadn't thrived during the traditional school day were observed to experience a high level of success when using remote learning.  Offering greater flexibility of learning times proved so effective at closing the gap, particularly for students who thrived with a later start. Teachers will continue to record lessons using iMovie and weave virtual iPad activities into their lesson plans in order deepen student understanding of course material while also making it more engaging; this new approach was especially beneficial when applied by teachers early on before any negative impacts arose from overuse or neglecting traditional methods altogether (such as Blackboard).

"This blended learning initiative is a good example of how we're using technology to challenge dated education norms like the 'factory-model classroom,' where teachers lecture rows of students from 9 am to 3 pm within the confines on brick and mortar buildings."

"We live in an age when kids are eager for new things, but they also need more attention than ever before," says McKinnon "A lot can happen during class time—students might be working independently while listening together or engaging with one another through digital means."

A recent survey showed that 80% of parents want to personalize learning for their child. One way they can do this is with the use of an interactive whiteboard in front them, but what about when it's not available? Instead students are stuck doing work at home on paper only-brick devices or old fashioned books being read by one person after another until your arms fall off! That’s where iKit comes into play;this revolutionary product lets every student have access to personalized lessons wherever they happen be--whether its via video chat, google hangouts classes attended virtually through our website...the list goes.

It's not just lockdown. St Therese Catholic Primary School has been blending in-person and virtual lessons, empowering students to decide how they can best demonstrate their learning so far this year via both modes of instruction. The school will continue striving toward its goal through combining these two teaching methods while also allowing for more choice than ever before!

Agents of Change

St Therese faced serious challenges in 2016, but she persevered. McKinnon recalls that the whole school had fallen behind before COVID-19 struck with its contagious virus spreading quickly across all levels of education and many classrooms were left without teachers or students due to disease outbreaks which caused her staff great emotional stress on top of their professional responsibilities. As if this were not enough trouble already facing them they also received news about another looming catastrophe: Hurricane Irma was forecasted right up until landfall leaving communities devastated including St Terez's Prep School where most buildings suffered major damage from wind & rain while some lost power for days.

The author of this passage wants to make it clear that they consider technology an important component for fostering change. They point out how by using new technologies, people will be able not only do their work more efficiently but also have increased access as well to those who need help from them. The first step to making our schools safe is by implementing “tool-driven” professional development for teachers. This means that the quality of education greatly depends on how well each instructor uses their tools, so it was just as important for us to have special training in order achieve change within classrooms!

The St Therese leadership team has been working to provide every student and staff member with an iPad, as well installing Apple TV's in all classrooms so that teachers can use their devices for teaching. Every educator enrolled into the free Teacher Professional Learning Program by completing training on integrating tablets into lessons effectively while also creating deeply engaging experience unlocking students' achievement potentials along the way.

"Four years on, we're seeing the success of our efforts. Our students and staff want to be here." says McKinnon as she gestures towards St Therese Catholic School in Bethnal Green with pride. "Every educator at St Therese is an agent for equity- ensuring every child has access learning regardless of their circumstances or ability!" exclaims  the vice principal who goes onto explain how iPad devices play a big role by supporting this goal through collaborative tools which help them create content together while also being able share it more widely across different platforms like social media where they are encouraged not just one another but themselves too promote each other's work outside school hours if possible!

St Therese Primary School is a shining example of how to elevate the lives of children in their community. The staff have worked hard over recent years, enrolling more students and achieving higher attendance rates with better results than ever before! Recently they were recognized by Apple as one its Distinguished Schools - an honor that's well deserved for this dedicated team who work tirelessly every day towards making your child(ren) happy!


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