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Is Apple Watch Series 2 Worth a Buy in 2022? Pros & Cons...

Is Apple Watch Series 2 Worth a Buy in 2022? Pros & Cons...

Apple Watch Series 2 was released on September 16, 2016 and it is a huge improvement over the original Apple Watch. The watch has a better display, faster performance, and is swim-proof. However, there are some disadvantages to consider before you buy one. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of the Apple Watch Series 2 so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to buy one.

The Apple Watch is the most popular wearable on the planet by quite a margin. The dominance of the Apple Watch has forced Google and Samsung (and FitBit) to join forces on the new Wear OS. The Apple Watch is an amazing device that can do so much. It's not just a way to stay connected with your phone, but it also provides you constant feedback on what time this day has been for and how much activity we've had! 

The second generation of the Apple Watch is now available for less money than before, making it an attractive option to anyone looking at picking up a smartwatch without breaking their budget. But does this latest model still hold up in today's world?

Is Series 2 Apple watch worth in 2022?

As always, it depends. You can still use the iPhone 8 Plus or a 2018 iPad in 2021 and they’ll work fine.

Most of the time, it just depends on what you want to do with the device.

As with older iPhones, however, there are caveats when it comes to buying an older Apple Watch model like the Apple Watch Series 2. Let’s get the CONS out of the way first, shall we?

CONS – Downsides To Buying Apple Watch Series 2

No LTE Connectivity

You can use the Apple Watch Series 2 without LTE connectivity, but it's a little more difficult. You'll need to connect your phone through ANT+ or Wi-Fi and rely on its internet connection for power purposes instead of taking advantage of any future upgrades in this area that may come about with newer versions release down the road."

Without your iPhone nearby, this Apple Watch will not be able to connect with any internet connections or run its apps. This can sometimes happen when we like running without our phones and leave it at home; however this problem is easily solved by just pairing up again from where you left off before!

Small Display

The Apple Watch Series 2 has a smaller display than the later models. It features an 1.65in screen, whereas some of its competition offer screens that are around two inches larger at their largest point in size (1 78"). The Apple Watch Series 2, however, does run 3D Touch, something Apple’s new Apple Watch models do not have. I really like 3D Touch, so this is definitely a plus for me.

The bigger screen on the new Apple Watch models makes it easier to use while exercising and moving around. In other settings, you won't really notice any difference unless something is wrong with your eye sight or whatnot!

No SP02 Sensor

When it comes to health and fitness, many people are looking for ways that their watches can help them stay on top of things. The Apple Watch Series 2 does not have blood oxygen measuring functionality- a feature which now commonly found in all modern models by apple! If this isn't an issue but you want one anyways. Decreased blood oxygen levels can be indicators that something isn’t quite right, so it is a handy metric to have to hand.

No Cadence Sensor

The Apple Watch Series 2 is not a great option if you want to track your steps, as it only tracks them accurately when walking or running. Most people who participate in high-intensity activities like racing will get up around 180 steps per minute on their own with no issue at all! If this sounds like something that would interest and assist with your fitness goals then I recommend getting one of the latest models from Fitbit instead - they're much better equipped for tracking footfall while also providing comprehensive analytics about how far we go each day based off our daily activity levels.

If you’re not a runner, this isn’t a big deal. But if you are into exercising and, more specifically, running and training for races, you’ll want to avoid the Apple Watch Series 2 and go for a later model like the Apple Watch Series 4 or Apple Watch Series 5.

PROS – Why You Should Buy An Apple Watch Series 2

That’s the bad stuff out of the way, now let’s turn to the positives – the reasons why you SHOULD buy the Apple Watch Series 2 in 2022.

The Price – It’s Now Cheap

Apple Watch is expensive. If you go for the latest model, you’re looking at the best part of $938 for a new model. Go with an older model like the Apple Watch Series 2, however, and you’ll pay considerably less. How much? You can pick up the Apple Watch Series 2 for around $105 – this is for a refurbished unit, however, but it will look and function as good as new. 

With the Apple Watch Series 2 no longer being available to buy new, finding an older model can be difficult. But thanks Amazon Renewed program with excellent deals on some oldies but goodies like this awesome watch!

Fitness Tracking

All of Apple’s Watch devices come with great fitness tracking abilities. With an Apple Watch, you can track your runs, monitor your heart rate, and keep tabs on your sleep, and much more besides. The Apple Watch Series 2 does lack an SP02 sensor and a cadence sensor, so if you need these for things like running just go with the Apple Watch Series 4 – it’s more expensive but well worth the extra.

While the Apple Watch Series 2 is no longer eligible for security patches, it still gets regular updates to its operating system. You can view all of your health and fitness metrics inside the Health app on an iPhone or iPad as well as Mac computer once you have this device! From here, you can analyse your progress and see where you can make adjustments and improvements. Apple’s fitness and health tracking software is beautifully designed and it looks and works beautifully.

Design Still Looks Great

The design of the Apple Watch has not changed much since it first launched in 2015. However, there are some subtle differences between this latest model and older versions such as its size or appearance- for example how easily accessible certain features might be on your wrist now due to newer technologies like GPS tracking that weren't available back then!

There are differences, of course, but they’re slight: newer Apple Watch models have slightly bigger displays, are thinner, weigh less. For the most part, however, or from a distance of a couple of feet, you would not be able to tell the difference between an Apple Watch Series 2 and an Apple Watch Series 4. They just look like Apple Watches.

Lots of Power

Wearables do not require lots of power under the hood to do what they do, and while Apple has bulked up the Apple Watch’s performance in recent years, most users will be fine with the Apple Watch Series 2. You can store up to 8GB of data on your Apple Watch Series 2, and it has 512MB RAM. The processor inside the watch is powered by a 780MHz Cortex A7 chipset that makes this device fast enough for all kinds of tasks!

Compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch Series 2 is grossly underpowered. If you decide to use your Apple Watch for basic tasks and general usage, this isn’t too much of a problem. No one uses their watch doing anything particularly demanding. If you want snappier performance but still want to save some money, go with the Apple Watch Series 4 – it has around 3x the power of the Apple Watch Series 2 and it retails for just a smidge over $200.

The Apple Watch Series 2 Has GPS

GPS is a must-have for runners and cyclists, but it can be tricky to get your hands on the Apple Watch Series 2. This device comes preloaded with built in navigation so you don't need an external GPS system like before!

Works Seamlessly With iPhone

Obviously, the Apple Watch Series 2 is designed with iPhone in mind. watchOS and iOS play together beautifully; this is the major pull of the Apple Watch, really. If you have an iPhone, the Apple Watch is the only wearable you’ll ever need. If you’re a serious athlete – or aspiring athlete – you might be better off with a Polar or Garmin smartwatch. They are more expensive in some cases but they do pack in more advanced tracking and exercise features.

There are many professional athletes who use Apple Watch to track and monitor their fitness, so I'm sure 99.9% of people would be fine with doing the same- especially if you run or cycle!


The Apple Watch Series 2 is still a good buy in 2021 if you want an affordable, functional device. The Apple Watch Series 2 does have LTE nor an SP02 sensor or a cadence sensor. But it does have some very good fitness and health tracking features and functions. You will still get security updates from Apple, but the Apple Watch Series 2 no longer gets watchOS updates – its last update was watchOS 6.2.8. If you just want an Apple Watch and you don’t care about fitness stuff, go with the Apple Watch Series 2. It’ll work great. If you care about fitness and getting the latest software updates, go with the Apple Watch Series 4.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is still relatively inexpensive (less than $200) compared to Apple’s newer models and it also packs in loads of features and specs missing on the Apple Watch Series 2 – things like LTE, SP02 sensor, a cadence sensor, and much more besides. 





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