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Must have apps for your new Apple Watch

Must have apps for your new Apple Watch

There 1000's of Apps for your Apple Watch, But what are some of the best apps you need to install right now?  Well we at WWS came up with a few that we believe you will be interested.  Check it out and post a comment of your favorite apple watch app. 

Lost phone alert
All we want is the ability to get alerts on our Apple Watch when we leave our iPhone behind. Don’t you wish your Apple Watch could warn you when you leave your iPhone behind? It could just kick off a notification whenever you leave Bluetooth range.
"That’s essentially what Phone Buddy Lost Phone Alert does. It’s a little more sophisticated than that—you can set a threshold of Bluetooth strength and set various limits (like the strength of the alarm or disabling it when on home Wi-Fi). But in essence, this app asks you to pay $5 for a feature that we think Apple should just build into watches and iOS already."
Streak app
Streaks is a simple way to create custom reminders to do something each day (it can track up to 12 daily tasks). It will remind you when it’s time to do the task, and even check off tasks related to the Health app data automatically. 
"Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, learn a new skill, or build any new good habit, the key to success is repetition. Going to the gym once a week isn’t going to change you, no matter how hard you work out. You’ll never learn guitar if you practice until your fingers bleed only once a month."
Night sky app
This planetarium in your pocket makes it easy to discover the wonders of space wherever you go. Day or night, just aim your device skyward to see a live 3D map of the heavens, complete with beautifully illustrated constellations, stars, planets, and satellites.
"You might not think a sky chart on your watch would be useful, but you’d be wrong. Just raise your wrist to the sky and move it around to quickly find and identify objects in the sky. When your watch is down, it turns into a sort of “sky compass” that points you in the direction of stuff worth looking at. It’s almost like magic."
City mapper app
Citymapper is an absolutely amazing transit app. It gives you bus and subway times, alerts you to service outages, helps you plot trips, and so much more. It works by grabbing public data feeds from dozens of city transit agencies.
"It works by grabbing public data feeds from dozens of city transit agencies. It’s won all kinds of App of the Year awards, and for good reason. On Apple Watch it’s even better. With a glance at your wrist you can see where to go next, which bus or train to get on, and when it’s coming. It can be hard to fiddle with your phone on crowded transit, but a glance at your wrist can show you what stop you’re supposed to get off at."
Autosleep app
AutoSleep. Not only does it work well and give you lots of great data, it’s just one up-front (and reasonable) price.No hidden upgrade in-app-purchases, no subscriptions, no ads. Just three bucks to add quality sleep automatic sleep tracking to your Apple Watch.
"Apple finally added sleep tracking to watch OS 7, but it’s a little lackluster. It only works during specific designated Sleep Mode hours, and it doesn’t give you much insight into the quality of your sleep."
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