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New Amazfit GTS: Smartwatch for Sports and More!

New Amazfit GTS: Smartwatch for Sports and More!

Fitness has never been more on trend- and not just for people! In the world of smartwatches, it seems that every brand is trying to make a device that can do it all. The Amazfit GTS is one such device, boasting features from GPS tracking to heart rate monitoring and even sleep data. This watch does more than any other out there- so what are you waiting for?

n late August, Xiaomi introduced a new model of smartwatches - the Amazfit GTS. The watch has all of your basic needs covered with its rich functionality and long battery life that will keep you going through days on end without any issues! Even better is how it looks like an Apple Watch but only smaller so there's less chance for someone else who doesn't know about this product to make fun or see something amazing up close at least once in their lives before they die Anyway enough talk: here are few reasons why everyone should get one asap.

Design and Ergonomics

The Amazfit GTS has a minimalist design and size that makes it stylish. The screen is protected with Gorilla Glass 3, which looks more than just enough for any day's use! The dimensions of the Amazfit GTS are 43.25 x 36.25 x 9 mm and with a weight around 24 grams it will feel like you aren't even wearing anything!

The device is a watch that has an exquisite design, as it includes materials like metal and plastic. The colors used on the case are eye catching yet simple in nature to avoid being too flashy or gaudy for everyday wear which makes this timepiece perfect for both men’s fashion trends but also casual use by women who want something elegant without having anything complicated about them.

If you're looking for a smartwatch with an easy-to-use interface, the Amazfit GTS is worth checking out. With just one button on its right side and silicone straps available in different widths (20 mm), this device has all of your needs covered!

Main Features

Amazfit watches are designed to be worn 24/7 and provide you with valuable data on your activity level, such as the number of steps taken each day or how many calories burned in a week. They also track Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which can help improve sleep patterns for athletes by tracking when we're sleeping well versus not so much! A great way these days is strapping one around my wrist while getting ready - it reminds me I should take care if myself before bedtime.

Furthermore, there are also a good number of sport options available to the adventurous: running on foot or byroad, walking an exercise bike (like stationary bikes), swimming in pools and ponds. You can find equipment such as elliptical trainers that don't require you pedal for it like mountain climbing too! While some activities might be more difficult than others--for example hiking versus downhill skiing-they're all engaging if your goal is fitness over competitions. The smartwatch protects against water up 5ATM standard so they'll work regardless what genre we want them set.

The Amazfit GTS can vibrate or ding when you receive an incoming call, so it'll be easier to know. The watch will also display any notifications that come from your phone on its screen!

The smartwatch is a great tool for the modern person. It can control music on your smartphone, find lost devices or phones and even set timers! It could be perfect as an accessory you wear everyday because of all these features that come with using one such as being able to use it like another phone (with calling) - which means no more low quality calls from our old landlines anymore! You'll never have trouble getting around when trying out this product since not only will it tell us what time zone we're currently located in but also show weather updates at any given moment too so there's really.

The GTS model has an NFC module that works only in China, Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS support!


The Amazfit GTS is a sleek and stylish smartwatch with an impressive operating time of up to 46 days in standby mode or two weeks if you're using it for only about one hour every day. The full charge can be achieved within 2 hours through charging stations that have magnets on them, making this watch perfect for traveling!


  • 5ATM Water Resistant
  • 2.5D capacitive touch screen
  • AMAZFIT smartwatch APP2.0
  • Phone-Free Music
  • Online pay
  • Long time standby for 5 days
  • Firstbeat Health Data Tracker
  • GPS + Glonass
  • 11 kinds of sports patterns
  • 316L stainless steel physical buttons
  • Ceramic bezel
  • Reflective display technology


  • Display: 1.65 inch AMOLED, 348 x 442P, 326 ppi, GorillaGlas 3
  • Color: Black, Gold, Rose, Blue, Gray, Red
  • Battery: 220 mAh, 14 days running time
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, GPS + GLONASS, NFC
  • App compatibility: Android 5, iOS 10
  • Water resistance: ATM 5
  • Dimensions: 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm
  • Band: 20 mm
  • Weight: 24.8 g

The Amaxfit GTS smartwatch is a perfect choice for those who love fitness and sports but don't want to be weighed down by bulky watches. The lightweight design will stay on your wrist comfortably throughout exercise, while its durable construction protects against shock or water damage when you're out getting active in nature's elements! You'll enjoy all of these features with long battery life- good enough that it can even make morning workouts possible before 8 am!

The best thing about this watch may actually come from how easy going some people find their lives being without one; if an alarm doesn't wake them up right away then they might still hear colleagues approaching far off as warning shots fired through time itself.



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