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The Near Future of Macs and iPhones: 27-inch 'iMac Pro' Coming Spring 2022, No 'iPhone Fold' Until 2023

The Near Future of Macs and iPhones: 27-inch 'iMac Pro' Coming Spring 2022, No 'iPhone Fold' Until 2023

Apple has a history of releasing new Macs and iPhones. Their products are always cutting edge, but they're also always quite expensive. When the company announced their newest devices at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, everyone was pretty excited to see what Apple had in store for us. But it seems like we'll have to wait a little bit longer than usual for these new devices!

The first foldable phone is likely to arrive in 2023 or 2024, according an analyst's report. A new iMac Pro model with mini LED display could come out this spring and there are reports that it will be able operate simultaneously on two planes of reality at once!

A lot has happened since we last heard from Apple concerning their upcoming product releases but none quite as exciting or unusual than these latest developments about the company’s future plans which seem tailor made just for us – consumers.

It looks like we'll finally get our hands on an iMac Pro with a 27-inch display, and it's going to be called "iMac." No more confusing quotes or moniker! This new device is supposed to launch in Spring 2022.

iMacs have been getting more and more powerful over the years, but what about the 27-inch panel? Apple usually keeps that under wraps until it's ready to release a new model. It seems like we might finally know at this year’s event on October 30th!

The mini LED panel shortage is affecting the industry in a big way. It's not just one company, but many have had to make do with less than expected supply and this has caused prices for these products soar as well which means there will probably never be an end until inventory levels get back on track or production revs up again.

It seems that the folding iPhone won't be coming in 2020. Young does note, however, another rumored Apple device would by then and it could have a OLED display with an LCD wrapping around to turn on when needed - this way you wouldn't need battery power at all! He expects it for launch no sooner than 2023 but more likely 2024. As there are still many production issues being worked out before release time comes along again next year.

Apple's newest iPhones have been announced and they're without a doubt, the most exciting smartphone releases to date. The company released three new phone models on September 11th: iPhone XS Max (the largest), XR Apple Watch Series 4 with LTE connectivity built into it! All of these devices come standard equipped with Face ID tech so you can unlock them using just your face or fingerprint reader too - no more passwords needed thanks again TouchID which has finally bit retirement plans at last following its seven year career in our pockets waiting patiently by as always.

The display analyst also says that OLED-equipped iPad or MacBook models likely won't debut until 2023 either. Since Apple mini LED panels are more expensive than the current generation of LCD displays, Young believes pricing will be critical for this battle between two types of panel technologies in a notebook computer as well as mobile device screens like smartphones and tablets made by Samsung among others who produce them now without using any type at all if it can even compete with other high end products available today such few hundred dollars higher price point despite being cheaper per pixel lit up upon viewing content due to manufacturing process which is typically how companies decide whether they want something done right instead.



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