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What is the Apple Watch June 2021 Challenge?

What is the Apple Watch June 2021 Challenge?

Apple Watch Activity Challenges are used to promote using the fitness features of the Apple Watch. The goal is to motivate owners to exercise and track their activity. Apple has a pair of new Apple Watch Activity Challenges coming this month. In addition to the annual Earth Day Challenge.

So what's in for this month?

Apple has scheduled the next Apple Watch Activity Challenge on June 5, 2021. On June 5th world celebrates the World Environment Day This time Apple has brought a new exciting challenge that will be encouraging Apple Watch users to fill in their ‘Stand’ ring for the day by standing up for at least a minute over a 12-hour span on June 5


Apple Watch users can also collect virtual trophies from completing Activity Challenges that Apple is launching for its users; it can be accessed via the Achievements tab on the Activity app.

If you complete the challenge on June 5, you can collect a virtual trophy and there are special stickers to acquire as well that you can use on Messages and on FaceTime.

So apple users out there, let's hope you can accomplish it on June 5, if you want those stickers bad enough you know what you got to do.

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