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Reimagining After-School Learning to Lift a Community: Atlantic City Educators

Reimagining After-School Learning to Lift a Community: Atlantic City Educators

How do we reimagine after-school learning to lift a community? Atlantic City educators are doing this by providing children with the opportunity to experience high quality, innovative and engaging learning opportunities. This is done through programs such as "Project Lift" where students learn about entrepreneurship and how it can help them be successful in their lives outside of school.

Apple has partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to create an innovative new workforce development programme. The partnership will provide funding, technical assistance and guidance for clubs in ten states across five different regions throughout two years that aims develop future leaders who can work productively within both Apple's culture as well as other organizations.

Tucked inside the 48 blocks that make up Atlantic City in New Jersey, a small group of courageous educators is hard at work. They're reimagining traditional after school programmes so students here can build their dreams and aspirations with the tools they need to succeed. Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City is pushing the boundaries in education with a new set technology labs. The transformation taking place at these laboratories was made possible by their 21st Century Academic Enrichment Programme, which aims to help creative minds thrive and ultimately change lives through learning opportunities that focus not only on academics but also provide personal growth skillsets as well.

Third-generation Atlantic City residents, Stephanie Koch and Mia Williams have created the first STEM based creative arts program for kids in their community. The labs that focus on STEAM — science, technology engineering art & mathematics as well as design training are equipped with iPad's provided by Apple so children can learn how to code or 3D print an object using these new technologies while they work together collaboratively online through virtual workshops designed by nationally renowned artists such as Tracey Reese!

"Atlantic City has been focused on hospitality for so long that I'm not sure how they are going to be able think outside the box," says Koch, CEO of Boys & Girls Club Of Atlantic CityWe need to give children the skills they will have for a better tomorrow. These include critical thinking, creative expression and problem solving which all build on one another as well! With these tools in place from an early age we can create innovators of tomorrow who excel at anything their mind tells them too - whether that's becoming Dr Seuss or Albert Einstein- you never know what someone might do with those STEAM abilities when given freedom!"

I am so happy to be a part of this programme,” says Williams. “The students in both the STEAM Lab and Design lab have been wonderful to work with." "We want our children up until they are 12-years old learning about science through art as well as technology," she continued "and then once kids turn 13 or 14 years old it's time for them get more hands on experience with design because most schools don't offer that anymore unfortunately." I'm very passionate about this project because it is an opportunity for me to make the community I live in better. My grandparents were teachers who helped change countless lives, and now that they're gone there's not one kid around here with all their knowledge intact--I want them back!

Mia Williams is using Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum to help her Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club STEAM Lab students learn how to code. One of Mia's favorite parts about coding with kids in the lab? "Watching them make something on their computer for themselves," she says, laughing at all those early attempts at artwork! Mia Williams has been using Apple technology to help shape the futures of her students since she grew up with it. Mia will prepare them for tomorrow's world by teaching them about its many possibilities in today’s classroom, from computers and tablets all the way down through iPhone apps that can be downloaded on any device you own!

Williams’ grandparents were both educators in Atlantic City and she credits them with instilling a lifelong passion for learning. Her grandfather was an educator who often took her on his rounds at school so that she could see what life as an instructor or even principal would be like while he taught composition class every other day because it fascinated him how much creative thought went into planning lessons from start-to finish, which gave way to Williams becoming interested not just academically but technologically too. In 2017 alone there has been over $4 trillion invested by companies all around the world – making tech investments increasingly competitive due diligence tasks such as reviewing financials. Her grandfather always had Apple products, so he cultivated the habit of learning on a Macintosh.

Williams went on to work for Apple as a creative with the retail team, helping apple customers learn and explore their ideas. That skillset was perfect fit when she needed someone who could imagine new frameworks in order help design Boys & Girls Club’s after-school programmes. Sarita Koch found herself at an interesting crossroads: while still managing her day job responsibilities of running Global Operations at Nike; working side by side but also reporting back up through management levels every step along way into 2020 Olympics Marketing Campaign Planning (which is no small feat).

“Mia is a role model for Apple,” says Koch. “She shows what's possible when you bring an experienced and knowledgeable professional with the latest hardware to your community." "Kids are now even more engaged with Mia as they watch her use cutting edge products that will excite them like never before," he added.

Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club CEO Stephanie Koch believes workforce development is crucial to helping her community’s next generation succeed. This will not only help them get a job, but also provide opportunities for training and education that can lead the individual into any career path they desire; giving back something in return too--because after all these children do come from broken homes where one parent often works two or more low paying jobs just so there's enough money coming home at night . This has been especially challenging during these times when many families rely heavily on check ups because wages have remained stagnant while prices continue rising steadily each month.

Technology has changed the way we live our lives, and now children are using it in innovative ways. At Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club's new STEAM Lab students can learn coding skills on an iPad!

The company Apple plans to donate more than 1 million iPads and Macs, in addition the school they already provided for low-income students; this time around though there's a focus on coding. The donation comes with an educational curriculum that teaches kids how computers work as well as providing access classes like animation or graphic design through programs such at Animation Academy Philly which has been positively reviewed by notable artists including Betty An Cornelius herself!

Apple is donating a total of 2,500 devices to club locations in Alabama, Arizona, California and Connecticut. It's part of the company’s ongoing initiative for children who are without access or opportunity which includes providing education programs about technology use as well. The donation will go towards making learning more accessible by creating programmable tablets that can empower young minds through STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) principles. Club Leaders with these donations have been trained on how they work best so far-

Apple has announced a partnership with over 100 creative organizations, aimed at introducing coding and creativity programs within their curricula. The new initiative will see Apple work closely alongside local schools across North America to help students explore the full potential of devices like tablets or laptops as well as integrate different types programming into lessons that are both engaging for kids but also challenging them academically when needed!

The Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club Design Lab has so many opportunities for students to learn and grow. Ahmad Brown, a student in this program says "It's great because we're going to help other people with their problems too." Ahmad Brown joined the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City’s after-school programmes so he could be a part of its new Design Lab. Ahmad's goal is to create designs that will inspire kids, especially those who don't have much or any creative outlets in their lives."

Williams has built a reputation of being an innovative and creative educator with his work in the STEAM and Design Labs curricula. He incorporates programs such as Apple's Everyone Can Code, everyone can create through developing apps using Swift coding languages for adults who may not know how to code yet but want feel like they're creating something on their own device rather than just looking at what other people developed; it also helps teach kids about problem solving skills needed when working under time constraints unlike any other program out there right now!

Imagine if you could design your own robot, program it to do whatever task was needed of it and even make decisions for itself. That is what 10-year old Dulce Santiago imagined when she joined the STEAM Lab programme last year. She got her chance this summer as part of their first ever robotics camp where they learned how create programs using Scratch Jr., which lets kids build their very own interactive stories or games with graphics on screen by dragging tiles around! This article shares firsthand accounts about some amazing kid innovations happening right now—from coding robots in Ohio classrooms at an early age all through creating educational apps overseas.

He’s never been included in stuff like this before, but he has a lot of fun with it. “It makes me feel excited and happy because finally part of something," says Santiago! The Design Lab is a program that helps students develop the foundations of graphic design. It's geared toward older teens, and focuses on teaching them about typeface usage, color theory etcetera . The club also offers three tracks for career development - hospitality or health care are other options if you're interested!

Dulce Santiago is part of the new STEAM Lab programme at the Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club, which she says will help her to learn how code. Ahmad Brown, 17, joined the Boys & Girls Club this fall after he found out about its Design Lab. Ahmad is an aspiring musician and wants to learn how design his future album covers — but that's not all! A native of Greensboro-High Point area who recently moved into a neighborhood off airport road because it had good schools for kids like him who want options beyond just their neighborhoods' public school system. He also plays percussion in bands at various events around town including.

"There’s just so much that we can learn here," says Brown. "I was hooked because I could make things for myself and businesses in Atlantic City too!" The journey starts with a simple idea: What if we took some of our favorite childhood hobbies and pastimes—like crafting, painting or decorating —and made them into adult-friendly practices? It might sound crazy at first; but once you do the math on all these new creative industries will spring up overnight!

There's no better way to start 2019 than with some exciting Design Lab news! Starting this coming January, we'll be pairing student designers up against Atlantic City restaurants and shops. You might think it sounds easy enough-designing a logo or sign for someone else's business is something most people can do without any skills at all right? Well not exactly...but that doesn't mean you should take these challenges lightly either because there are big rewards if your design gets chosen as one of their official branding elements (think free food!)

A social enterprise is a business that does more than make money. It’s about changing lives, building communities and helping people get ahead in life - all while generating profit from its efforts! In an effort to do just this for the youth of America's inner cities by giving them access not only educational resources but also hands on jobs skills training with real world applications these labs were created as partnerships between major companies like Walmart or Target who want nothing more then putting down roots into local markets they hope will one day become profitable propositions.

For the past two years, students in Atlantic City's STEAM Lab have been using iPads to learn how they can programme robots. They're not just any ordinary devices; these are coding programs that teach kids about technology and engineering while having tons of fun at it too! The program also helps them develop skills like creativity by allowing their creations be interactive so you get an idea on what your finished product would look like before programming anything else into existence . All this from a simple app called Everyone Can Code which was created especially for us all- hackers extraordinaires ready willing & able anytime anywhere 24/7 365 days.

Williams hopes that the future includes more diversity in graphic design and technology as a whole. “We need to see girls, Black or Brown faces of these amazing creative minds getting into tech fields they weren’t necessarily well represented at before," said Williams. She goes onto say "I am really excited about this programme because kids can now see what's possible for them through our work with schools."

It seems to be working already. "Miss Mia is a great teacher," says Brown, who has been taking lessons from her for two months now and can relate many of the things that we may go through because she's also come up in this environment where people don't always believe or respect us."

Dulce Santiago loves graphic design. She wants to be either a therapist, or the next Walt Disney because of how you can build your own world with just one class and teacher." Dulcé seems like an interesting person that I would enjoy getting acquainted with; her passion for both art forms are something new in this generation," says Dulcé about herself when asked by another student if she had any interests outside academics . Her sense humor is refreshing compared to other people's stiffness at school!


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