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Tips on using Spotify on your Apple Watch

Tips on using Spotify on your Apple Watch

Great news for all the music lovers out there, Spotify has recently announced its updated application for owners of Apple Watch series (series 3 or later).  Users with Spotify Premium can now download songs and podcasts on their device for offline listening.

Like the old Spotify functionality, you can pause, go forward and back from
The Apple Watch.

There are various style bands to select from, Wristwatchstrap.co

Choose the Download to Apple Watch option on Spotify by pressing the three dots button on your favorite playlist or podcast. A little green arrow (→) will be available next to the names of the playlists, albums, and podcasts that are downloaded on your Apple Watch.

Now you all can connect your headphones to your Apple Watch and start listening to the music — without carrying your iPhone.



Follow these steps to use the Spotify mood feature on your Apple Watch:

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. In the 'My Watch' tab and under the heading 'Installed on Apple Watch',
Check if Spotify is already downloaded.

3. If not, then go to the available apps, search Spotify and click on install.

4. On your Apple Watch, open the app grid and find Spotify. The app will also
Open automatically when you start playing music from your iPhone → Once these steps are followed,

Using SIRI for your Apple Watch for SPOTIFY is now AVAILABLE



Also with the SIRI feature on your apple watch it just makes it a lot easier to use. You can just say “Hey, Siri” followed by your command to play your
favorite songs, artists, albums, playlists, and podcasts and end each command
with “on Spotify” so Siri knows which service to access.

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