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Our warehouse is located at California and unfortunately has become a major hot spot for Covid 19. Because of this, the State Governor has mandated a Stay at Home order. This mandate, school closings, and virus concerns has caused a major reduction in staff. We are basically working on 1/3 of staff and additionally the post office is adhereing to strict government Covid 19 guidelines.

This has caused a major disruption of our delivery times. Our typical 4-7 business delivery times have increased and it's even worse if mailing address is another hot spot. Please do not worry because your package is still being processed. It just takes Few extra days to get to the Postal System. You might notice that your tracking will still show "Preshipment" for more than 5 days before an update. This is because the Post Office is not updating tracking in real time. Just be aware that it's with the Post Office and will arrive soon.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience we might have caused. We are constantly looking make additional improvements and assessing the situation everyday. Thank you for your patience and understanding