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The Best Interactive Apps for Safe Kids' Playtime on Road Trips

The Best Interactive Apps for Safe Kids' Playtime on Road Trips

The best way to keep your kids entertained on a long road trip is by downloading the right apps. Apps are available for both Android and iOS, so you can find something that works with your device. Here are some of our favorite interactive apps to help make the time fly!

Ready to take a road trip with your kids? Here are some of the best apps for travel and entertainment. Road trips can be fun but they're not always easy - especially if you need something in which both will enjoy! Fortunately, we've compiled this list so all family members get what they want: from games on mobile devices or tablets (like app-based Words With Friends) up through videos that offer educational lessons about different cultures while exploring new places abroad as well.<br> "It is important," our expert says over at T+L Travel Magazine , “to give yourself enough time before setting out."

You can't remember the last time you enjoyed a long car ride. Ramming through traffic and sprawling out with my feet up against the window is how I like to spend my free time, not sitting there for hours on end being lectured at by an old woman about her son who lives in Australia now - he works as some kind of doctor or something! Or maybe that's just me? In any case young'uns will never understand what our childhoods were really all about until they've been put into those tiny seatbelt harnesses where anything goes wrong.

Parents nowadays are faced with a dilemma. On the one side, they have to put up with incessant moaning from their children and constant need for bathroom breaks that never seem to end-on top of this is an unending stream questions about everything under sun! And if all else fails then there's always something wrong just because kids feel like complaining or giving into temptations sometimes. If you're anything like me when mine were little (and let’s face it; most people do) than coming home after work only makes matters worse as soon both yours ends up in front yard playing while watching TV without any mention whatsoever what will happen during dinner time later tonight. This experience can be equally horrible.

With all the new technology available to us, it's easy for kids' favorite activities like playing games and watching videos on their phones or Ipad. However when they are in charge of keeping themselves entertained with only one thing as a distraction - boredom can set in quickly! Here is our list of apps that will keep your little ones busy no matter how long you're driving:

Spotify Kids

All parents should be aware of the dangers that come with too much screen time. Not only will your child's eyes suffer, but they may also develop headaches and become irritated on arrival at their destination due to being overstimulated by all those electronics around them!

So, while it's tempting to put a kids' movie on repeat for six hours and leave them unattended in the car with their favorite Disney-themed songs playing over speakers that are too loud enough so they can't hear anything else around them (or any other activities), you should take more varied approach when possible. The good news is that anyone with the Spotify Family Plan subscription can get access to Kids. The bad? It's not even in English and only available through YouTube!

With the Spotify for Kids app, you can get your kids listening to all of their favorite music without them ever knowing. With soundtracks that are full and sing-along tracks as well as ones only they will know about; this is one way parents keep up with what's going on at home while still letting those little ears explore everything!


The app notifies parents when their child has driven for a certain amount of time or in excess. This way, the parent knows how much independence was given to their little one while also ensuring everyone else enjoys themselves too! The game is simple enough; you need to see how many different vehicle license plate locations you and your family can spot while on a trip. The list includes all 50 US states, 10 Canadian provinces (plus Yukon Territory), 33 Mexican state plates as well as government ones overseas territories like Puerto Rico or Guam - this will keep everyone entertained for hours!

The implications of this game are staggering, especially for those who love creating stories. You can either play as a team or individually; if you splash out on the paid version (which I recommend), then your save file will allow Continuous Play!

Crayola Colorful Creatures

Young kids love to draw and it's a shame that they can't do so in the car. Bumps, spills-you name it! Their pencil might slip from frustration or design mode as well; before we know what happened those beautiful sketches were all over your vehicle's interior color scheme (yikes).

It’s no secret young ones adore drawing: adults too sometimes find themselves staring at their work with pride after given them permission for an afternoon break away from screens instead focusing solely on paper/pencils etc.. Unfortunately those same bumps which make scribbling difficult end up frustrating any artist prematurely because chances are good something will get ruined if not entirely lost within seconds.

If you're looking for some fun and educational activities to keep your kids entertained on those long car rides, try out Crayola Colorful Creatures! This app will give them the chance of exploring various animals with their favorite art tools. It's perfect as an alternative from letting them loose with pens or crayons in back seat since we all know how destructive they can be there crash-course style (just ask any driver).

The app is not just for kids. It offers various "coloring in" games that cater to the educational needs of adults as well! For example, there are animal sounds mini-games which help you learn more about what animals sound like and how they're pronounced (e pronunciation). You can also play games focused on different species around world or ones related to feeding them without worrying too much if it's correct or not because I'm assuming most people don't want their virtual pet starve while waiting patiently at home.

Mechanic Max

Sometimes when you're on the road it can be hard, but with Mechanic Max by your side all will go well. He teaches children about different problems that might come up and how they are fixed so kids feel safe in their own cars too! Sometimes driving is great because everything goes according to plan...until something breaks or wears out of course- at least I hope not since there's a friendly mechanic named "Max" who has been helping me out whenever my car needs some TLC from him.

The app is full of cool features you'd expect to find at your local mechanic. For example, it has a car wash where drivers can get their vehicle's exterior washed and cleaned by hand or using an automatic machine; they also have tools such as bumpers that allow them adjust light placement for different looks without any permanent alterations being made on the hood itself! It offers tune-ups in order increase fuel efficiency while increasing performance under acceleration through installing new tires/wheels along with repainting cars into other colors than just crimson red (like black).

This app is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create and design digital art. It comes with four different workshops, all of which have their own unique tools available; there's even a way you can save your creations so that they're easy enough make them again later or share it on social media!

Angry Birds

A new study revealed that Angry Birds is more addictive than cocaine and heroin combined. A few years ago, I played on my phone for hours at work before finally getting stuck in traffic. It was then when the idea of playing this game while commuting crossed through mind but there's no way possible you can enjoy it during heavy jams or long car trips with distractions everywhere around us! However if your little ones have never experienced a time where all they had to do were smash some green pigs - make sure he/she takes advantage of his family vacation by teaching him how easy these fun games are actually done." It has been said many times over: "Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds are ready to take on the world! These feathered destroyers utilize their slingshot in combination with unique skills, like powers of destruction and telekinesis. This game has quickly become one that people all over love playing no matter what age they may be--from children right up until adults can finally see some release from work once it's time for bed (or at least an hour or two later).

Think of all the different games you can play with your kids in a car. There's hide-and-seek, tag or even duck hunt! If they love playing Operation (the original) there is more than enough material for them to keep entertained on long road journeys into the future. The game is suitable for children aged four or more, and their parents will have no problem playing too.


The app, PBS KIDS Games has several games within it. It can be used as an all-inclusive game center that offers everything your child needs to keep them entertained for hours on end with just one click of the button!

Your kids will be addicted to this app as they can play hundreds of educational games with some favorite characters. The categories include math, science and reading games for those who enjoy learning more about the world around them; while art activities invite children's creativity through painting or drawing various subjects from nature scenes all over., The "DK Eyewitness Games" has a wide variety in terms od age groups - from babies up until grade schoolers! There are interactive toys available too such as an animal toy where you explore different habitats by pressing its tummy which makes sound effects when pressed correctly.

There are several tools available to parents on pbskidsgames.com, including a progress report and diagnostic information about where they might need extra help in order for you as their parent/guardian learn more about your child's engagement with the program based off of an online survey that can be completed at any time throughout each semester or year long enrollment period. That way if anything changes from what has been seen before then there is always enough data collected so interpretations don't have too many assumptions made.

All the games have a designated learning age (the app caters for children aged three to eight), as well as the ability to download content that can be played offline. This is especially important if you're in an area with patchy cell phone reception and want access without being connected constantly via WiFi or data transfer rates.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a great tool for parents to have in their arsenal when it comes down protecting their children online. Having access to the Google app "YouTube," which has been specifically designed with kids under 13 years old in mind, means that you can rest assured knowing they're not being exposed any inappropriate content on this platform!

The app is perfect for kids on two levels. Firstly, the navigation has been simplified with big buttons and easy searching so they can find what they need quickly without getting lost in all of those unfamiliar features that adults would never use as easily as children do- which makes this an excellent learning tool! Secondly, each video was run through Google's complex algorithms before being approved by our team of experts - making them kid friendly too.

The best part? You're in total control. With a password-protected login, access to settings that are just right for your child and ability edit them until they get it perfect!


The most important thing to remember for a long car ride with kids is that they need more than just their smartphone. Even if you’re not going very far, it's best not rely on an app or two and instead provide some distraction from boredom by singing songs together- anything will do!

Time-tested methods are always the best choice when you want to learn something new. For example, books are excellent for retaining information while traveling or even just sitting in your room studying on a Saturday night! Travel games also provide an interesting way of learning because they force one interact with another person rather than being able sit alone all day long thinking about what they're going through  which helps stimulate imagination too.


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